Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Shopping is Exhausting

I try with all my might to get motivated about shopping. This past weekend the hubby and I went to a fundraiser. 

We started out with finding my hubby's attire; a great white shirt outlined in black thread at the collar and cuff, red ascot, silver cufflinks, black pants, shoes and hat. So now since the hubby has his evening wear, I wanted to see what I can find. 

 I went on this mission to find a dress that will light up and make the angels will sing.. I had a shopping buddy with me to get me hyped up to finish this mission, because the event was in 24 hours.

After looking at five dresses, I finally had my top two picks. How could I make sure my hubby was going to love this dress? Then my AH HA moment kick in, use technology and send him a pic text. He saw dress number two and text back, "Do you have bail money?".  All I could do was laugh and pick dress one.  If he thought that dress was hot, then it was the winner!

Now on to the shoes...when I was in high school I had no problem wearing heels; but now with some weight gain thin heels scares me.

These past two months I've brought two pairs of heels each with different heels in inches.  I think I've done a great job these last couple shopping trips. So here are my findings from my mission. Who knows maybe I will like shopping soon, but until then I'm ok with styling others.


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