Monday, September 27, 2010

In God We Trust

In recent days, there is a scandal rocking the church community. The alleged discretion of Bishop Eddie Long is causing strife and discontentment within the religious community and rocking what many Christians believe in. Everyone is voicing their opinions on if the minister is innocent or guilty. Lots of people are condemning him for his actions. Other people are condemning the people who are even talking about it. Even on Facebook a women stated all who talked about the allegations shouldn't speak on them and warned these people will "wake up dead" tomorrow because they are speaking against an "anointed" man.

Religion is always a touchy topic. Whether it is opening an Islamic center at Ground Zero or a minister allegedly using his clout to persuade young men to have sex with him, religion is one of the top sources for today's news.

We have to remember as people, if you're lucky enough to believe in a higher power, you have to make sure that we don't put your trust and faith into mere men. We have to stop putting people, ministers and celebrites on this pedestal and follow what we truly believe in. We have to stop judging others and loving our higher power and ourselves. At the end of the day, that's all you got.

Friday, September 24, 2010

I Heart Weddings

My friend Jessica from college is getting married this weekend. So I'm going to her wedding this weekend. This is the last wedding of the year and I'm kinda upset. I love weddings. I love the idea of two people starting a new life together and sharing something bigger than themselves. It excites me. But most of all....I LOVE THE WEDDING ITSELF!! (Yes I'm screaming!) I love everything...the dress, the ceremony, ribbons, cake, chair covers...EVERYTHING! My friend Angela and I, gather around the computer constantly and search wedding websites dreaming of our day we say I do to the ones we love. 

Because I hope to be planning a wedding shortly (Hint hint),  here are some of the things that has caught my eye lately.

My friend Angela LOVE polka dots. This cake is fun yet sophisticated. A bit of Dr. Seuss but a smidgen of Martha Stewart.

 I already have my colors. I've had them since I was like 10! Black, red and white...very simple and elegant. I love black roses, orchids and calla lilies; meaning love, seduction and beauty.

I'm not traditional. I love to play with lengths, shapes and maybe some color in a wedding dress. I want something knee to tea length (maybe a little longer). No veil...and definately no train.
I will post pics of my friend's wedding when I get back. I bought this dress from Igigi last week I can't wait to wear.
~ Janelle

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Congrats Shawntel!

Congratulations Pictures, Images and Photos

Shawntel Adams-Echoles won Ruby Leonne's first contest! She won a $50 gift certificate for Lane Bryant. We are excited that we can bring you contest and other events. Look for more contest in the future. Remember to check back on the blog or on our Facebook page for updates. 

Almost at 100

Ruby Leonne has been in existance for seven months. (We are still a baby!) We are almost at our goal of 100 Facebook fans! Once we reach 100 fans, we will give out a $50 Lane Bryant gift certificate to someone at random. So if you are not one of our Facebook fans, get on our page. We try to keep you updated on the latest news, fashion and gossip. Every now and then we get a great discussion going. Don't miss out...become a fan!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Local Love: Chaka Pryor

(Chaka Pryor doing a runway show for local designer, Koko Brownlow.)

One of the hottest clubs in Indianapolis, Cloud 9, featured a fashion show Sunday, September 19. I requested an interview with plus size model and makeup artist, Chaka Pryor. Chaka is a graduate from Arsenal Technical High School where she took Cosmetology. She enjoys doing fantasy make-up for shows and photo shoots and she is a plus size model. Girl is busy. Because of Chaka's schedule, she offered me an afternoon/evening to shadow her as she did makeup for the show at Cloud 9. I jumped at the opportunity.

I had the honor to sit by her side as she transformed seven ladies for Sunday's fashion show.

(Chaka and Nicole Michelle, one of the models for the fashion show.)

RL: What's your name?

CP: Chaka Pryor

RL: How did you get involved in plus size modeling?

CP: Classics Styles show with Blades Entertainment. {I} did a video called "Model Walk" with Big Dave.

RL: I seen the "Model Walk" video by Blade Entertainment, was that your first music video?

CP: Yes, and that video was filmed at Cloud 9.

RL: How long have you been modeling?

CP: Four years

RL: Are there any local designers that you favor?

CP: Koko Brown is one of the designers I like. {Her} clothes fit {and} are not too big or too small in the hips.

RL: What do you look for when shopping?

CP: Quality is the main thing.

RL: Let talk about Women Exposed Fashion Show, this was my first time seeing you as a model. I was impressed with your skills and attitude. How did you feel about that show?

CP: {It was a} different experience, {but I} enjoyed the ladies I worked with.

(Chaka at work. Model: Shawna)
RL: What makes Chaka stand-out from all the rest?

CP: Personality, {I'm} one of the kind, no one can come close. {I'm} up for a challenge if they THINK they can.

RL: What would you say to a young upcoming plus size model?

CP: DO NOT let anyone say you can’t do it!!! My mother is my biggest fan. She {is} always there for me.

RL: What get your blood pumping before a show? Do you have a routine?

CP: {The} crowd. I get nervous before I hit the stage, but once I’m on stage I’m okay.

(Chaka gets model, Ruby, ready for fashion show.)

RL: Let talk about makeup tips. What should one do to enhance their eyes and lips?

CP: Eyes colors have to complement each other and your complexion. {There are} no limited {number} of how many eyes colors to use. Lips can’t be crusty! Lips need to be popping. Satin Lips (a product from Mary Kay) helps get rid of chapped lips.

(Chaka and model, Nicole Michelle, puts on face.)
I truly enjoyed Chaka inviting me to shadow her for the day. Look for Chaka as she continues to make moves in fields of modeling and makeup artistry.


Friday, September 17, 2010

My Top Ten Influential Fashion Icons Part One

Earlier in the week, had a post on 10 influential fashion icons of the decade. The list included the likes of Lady Gaga, Michelle Obama and other mavericks in the media and fashion industry.

As I was browsing through the list, I started to wonder who would my 10 icons be? Who were the men and women that shaped the way I look at fashion? Who were the people who made me start Ruby Leonne? Here are my first five influential fashion icons. (There is no particular order.)

(pic from
Elsa Klensch
Well known fashion journalist and author

I remember my sister and I running down the stairs as kids and surfing channels on the HUGE cable box sitting above the television. Elsa Klensch's Style was a program that was never missed in my household as a child. With her British accent and her ability to find art in everything, I wanted to grow up to be Elsa Klensch. Her elegance and grace is what made me want to find a career in fashion...and then of course I wanted to be an attorney too.

(pic from
John Galliano
Fashion Designer

Galliano is one of the first designers that I ever heard of. I found out about him while watching Klensch's Style. He is raw and off the wall. I love the way he uses fabric and shapes to make a piece. He's an architect, not a designer. He's quirky and I love him.

Coco Chanel
Fashion Designer and Icon
What do you say about a legend? Chanel came from nothing, but took the world by storm. Chanel still has the hottest label postmortem. With many books, movies and television shows detailing her life, she is more than a designer, she is an enigma.
Bill Blass
Fashion Designer
No one did American sportswear like Bill Blass. One of the first fashion autobiographies I've ever read. He intrigued me because he's a fellow Hoosier. That's right...he's from Indiana; Fort Wayne as a matter of fact. He proves that there is so much more than corn in Indiana. We have many designers from Indiana present day that has the potential to blow up to Blass status.
(pic from

Andre Talley
Contributing Editor at Vogue Magazine
One of fashion's elite, Talley is pure royalty. Whether it is promoting young designers, sitting in the front row of the top fashion shows or writing and editing for Vogue, Talley is one of the busiest men in fashion. He has a keen eye which makes him a great fashion journalist.

Okay, so that's my first five. More to come.

Fade to Black

(Elle cover vs. Showtime premiere. Pic from who pulled pics from MSNBC)

Everyone is talking about the photoshopped picture of Gabourey Sidibe in the upcoming edition of Elle. While I understand why everyone is upset, I'm trying to figure out why is this any different. The media has been touching up celebrities for years; making fat girls skinner and people lighter. They claim they work magic with their photoshop wand to make "minor" changes to "small" flaws in a photograph. Everyone just rants about it on blogs and television shows, but no one does anything about it.

(Beyonce Knowles. Pic from The Grio)

Until we hit the media and other companies where it hurts, their pocketbooks, they are going to continue this practice. They assume the general public wants to see a smaller Kate Winslet or a lighter Beyonce, but what the public wants is to see someone that looks like them in the spotlight. We want to see a fuller Jessica Simpson. We want to see a darker Freida Pinto. It's evident that our desires are being heard with the first plus size fashion show during New York Fashion Week. We love it. Now we need to convince the media and companies we will not condone the modifications of physical appearance on magazine shelves and advertising. It's not a black/white thing or a skinny/fat thing, it's a wrong/right thing.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Nashville Booty!

LOL!! I'm not talking about booty the body part! I'm talking about the great deals I found at JCPenney this past weekend on my trip to Nashville. I generally don't wear accessories. I always get hung up, caught on something or I always break them. I have a ring (not engagement) from my boyfriend he bought me a few years ago, and I don't even wear that. But because of my hair changes (coming soon in another post), I feel that accessories are needed to play with my outfits and keep me from looking like a drunk auntie or a guy.

So while my friend and her friends were shopping, I snooped around the accessory section at JCPenney in Cool Springs Galleria as well.

The gold and pearl necklace was originally $26. I bought it on clearance for $5.17. The silver and jade necklace had the original price of $28. I bought it for $8.40. I also purchase two hair flowers for $6.99. The original price...wait for it...$12.

I saved a total of $45.44 on Saturday. I'm proud of me! Now to wear them...maybe I will this week with the booty I bought from Torrid. Just ordered some earrings from eBay I should be getting soon. I'll share once those come in.

~ Janelle

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Ruby Leonne Luncheon

We are excited about the future of Ruby Leonne. We plan to endorse the plus size industry of the Indianapolis and the Midwest for many years to come. We want to meet each one of you so we can discuss the plus size fashion industry in Indianapolis and its future. We also want you to network and socialize with each other, so we are planning our first fall luncheon.

Our fall luncheon will be held at Bravo's Italian Restaurant on 8651 Castle Creek Parkway East Drive, near the Castleton area, in Indianapolis, IN. The tickets are just $25. The price of tickets include the meal, soft drinks (water etc) and the tip to the wait staff. We will  have some talented designers and vendors that will be showcasing their line/product and will be taking any orders.

Because of space, we are limited to 50 people, so please get your tickets soon. For more information, ticket purchase or to showcase your product, contact Ruby Leonne at

We look forward to having lunch with you all. Look for updates here or on our Facebook fan page, Ruby Leonne.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Goodwill Discoveries and My "Fun" Piece for Fall

So I got my oil changed on Saturday. The dealership told me it would be a couple of hours before they were done, so I forced my boyfriend to go across the street with me to shop at Goodwill. I detest picking through things to find something wearable. I don't have the patience for it. But after talking with some friends that have found wonderful things at places like Goodwill or A.J. Wright, I figure I would take my time and try to find something.

Since summer is coming to a close, I told myself I would work on some pieces for fall. I wouldn't buy any summer items unless they were on crazy clearance or something I really really really liked. So all these pieces are for fall.

I love sweaters in the fall. It is my favorite item to wear. You can dress it up or do something casual. This sweater was $3.99 plus tax.

I bought some shoes this same color at Shoe Carnival, that's why it caught my eye. Same price as the sweater before it, $3.99.
You can NEVER go wrong with an oxford shirt of any color. You can wear it alone or layer it with a vest or a sweater. For the magical price of {DUH DUH DUH DUM}...$3.99.
Okay, so I'm proud of myself. I went through every plus size rack...piece by piece to find these items. I'm going to do another Goodwill trip soon. But I will hit another one on the opposite side of town to see what I find.
My "Fun" Piece for Fall
Old Navy had this cute faux fur vest that I had to purchase. I hate the winter time with the snow and ice, but I can't wait until I can wear this. It's interesting to see the varieties that I come up with.


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