Thursday, March 31, 2011

Let's Get Physical

Lately the media is focusing on the younger generation; labeling them as the fattest generation. What has happen over these the years? Are families sitting on the couch more? Are parents allowing children to eat more? I noticed the past generations was more physical; they had to walk to school, church, or work and not everyone could not afford car or bus fare. Riding a bike was another past time children enjoyed. So encouraging our children to ride their bikes can be easy for some parents. but some children are glued to their TV or video controllers.

These children are becoming husky, busty or just thick before their time. Is it something in the food or genetics? Some parents are in denial calling it baby fat when their child is looking like Baby Huey. It’s time for us parents to step up and take charge of our family's health. We need to change our eating habits. Becoming an active family is not hard, there are so many activities families can do.

Here a few PHYSICAL Activities.

• Bowling

• Skating

• Field games (Kickball, volleyball, basketball, football, baseball)

• Walking

• Swimming

• Dancing

Those are activities you can invite another families to join the fun.
From elementary we are taught exercising is very important to our body. We have some school systems removing Physical Education to make the budget, while you have some kids out of breath by the time they walk up a flight of stairs. Let the school systems know that you support Physical Education programs.

Last year, our First Lady launches a campaign LET MOVE!!

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Plump Couture

Yes my friends, women in Puerto Rico love fashion!!

I wanted to tell you about a beautiful boutique called Plump Couture. It's located in San Juan, Puerto Rico. My daughter Ana told me about it. Ana was going to be interviewed for The Imagen Magazine page on Facebook and needed a dress. I contacted Marilyn Arroyo and she was gracious enough to lend one to her. This is why I love Puerto Rico, people you don’t even know will help you.

Their clothes are beautiful, the shoes are incredible and the jewelry to die for. They have a runway in the store that makes their clients feel like super models. Recently they had their inauguration. The store had a casting and chose their models to model their clothes for the press. I loved this idea. So remember if you are ever in Puerto Rico check them out.

Ana modeling in her dress.


The models for inauguration.

The shoes

Marilyn Arroyo the owner.

Ave. Jesus T. PiƱeiro #1184, 00921 San Juan, Puerto Rico

Blessings to all,


Monday, March 28, 2011

Yep, that's me! WHOOP WHOOP

I cannot tell you how blessed I've been this year! This blog has helped me meet exciting people from all over the world, forced me to be dedicated to something, got me a GREAT job and gave me exposure I can only dream of. It's all because of our wonderful writers and readers. I couldn't have done it without you!

Once again, I've been featured in the Indianapolis Star's Sunday Edition! Take a look at it and thank you all again from the bottom of my heart!

XOXO, Janelle

Friday, March 25, 2011

Viva Lazzy Jo!

Hi! Hope everyone is having a great day. Today, I am going to talk about a topic that may have you asking yourself why is a conservative English Professor talking about this particular topic? I chose to write about this topic because it puts a smile on my face, and anything that does this is worth talking about.  It’s just as simple as that!

In Puerto Rico, we have drag queens just like anywhere else in the world. They are beautiful and very talented. I am going to introduce you to one from my hometown of Aguas Buenas. Her name is Lazzy Jo Spanic. I contacted her in Facebook and she was sweet enough to tell me her story.

Lazzy Jo told me I could use his real name. He is proud of who he is and he has no problem with people knowing this. His real name is Jeoshua Sanchez, everyone calls him “Canito” in English “blondie”. His artistic name is Lazzy Jo Spanic.

Lazzy Jo lives in Aguas Buenas, Puerto Rico; being the first drag queen in our small town. He is 24 years old. His journey as a drag queen started when he was 20 years old. Lazzy Jo told me she loves makeup. At first, a friend of hers named Gaby did her makeup, and after watching very closely her fellow drag queens she started doing her own. Her wardrobe is from Luis Octavio, Alex Le Blanc (a good friend) and from Maribel owner of Sassy Girl Boutique.

She has several videos on YouTube. She does her show in different nightclubs in San Juan. Among them are Esechys, Juniors and La Caverna. She has also performed in straight bars like Millennium and El Faro in Aguas Buenas. She once entered a contest at a club named The Cowboy in our hometown and won two first place prizes. In a short time, she has learned so much about this profession, but it is not in her plans to have a sex change. Her work is limited to expressing what she feels, stealing smiles and on occasions many tears from her public. It is her favorite hobby because it is not her real profession. Lazzy loves what she does and is proud of who she is although her family is very religious and does not accept her choices, some friends don’t either. She has met many people that support and help her because of her talent. This makes her happy and proud!

I loved talking to him because he is one of the sweetest people I have ever met. He studied with my daughter Ana in Junior High School. Ana told me in school people liked him because he was a kind and caring person. I wish this person the best in life. Remember always, we must be proud of who we are because that is the key to true happiness!

Blessings to all,


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Weekend Love: Happy 30th Birthday, Maya!

My sister turns 30 today! I can't believe it!!!

My sister and I have always been close. We fight each other and call each other out of our names...but we are still close. Maya is really my half sister; we have different fathers. Our fathers weren't in our lives, so we lived with our mother and disabled grandmother...just the four of us ladies getting on each other's last nerves. We never considered ourselves as half sisters, in fact I remember when I was younger someone told me we were. I was hurt and shocked. My mother quickly told me there was no such thing as "half", she was my full blooded sister.

We are so opposite but the same...she has issues with food; she "forgets" to eat, I think about food all day. I wanted to be a fashion designer, she wanted to be a model. I sang (I even recorded a day I will do the 25 things you don't know about me!), she danced (she teaches adults and children hip hop, jazz and cheer now). I called her Skeletor (like from He-Man cause she was so thin), she called me Bertha Butt (because of my big booty).

I love my sister even with all our issues. She is one of the two people that know EVERYTHING about me. (the other person is Jay.) We love each other in spite of... I'm blessed to have her in my life.

We celebrated her birthday this past weekend with friends. Here's some pics...
What I wore: Shirt: Old Navy, Belt: Eliza Parker, Skirt: Torrid, With my red shoes and glasses. This was my FOURTH outfit changed...when I realized it was my HAIR I didn't like.

The gang at Ruth Chris Steakhouse.

Maya & her birthday cake

Nicole & Maya

Jay & Angiee

$2 drinks anyone...

She really didn't drink them like that...I just made a great pic!

Okay...some girl had on black tennis shoes with white socks...her wardrobe was shocking too!

Donna, her boyfriend Terry & Maya

Get down girl!

Happy Birthday, Maya! God has blessed you richly!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Weekend Love: Good or Bad Hair?

I've been fighting with my hair for over six years. I went natural for the first time about six years ago. No reason really; just wanted something new. 

I've been getting perms...or relaxers...whatever you want to call them...since I was 10 years old. The relaxer didn't make my hair break off. Besides the occasional scalp burns, the creamy crack didn't bother me. I got tired of the whole cost factor of getting your hair "did". Some black women spend more money on their hair and hair care products than they spend on their bills. I've seen women go without major necessities in order to get their hair done. I mean women trying to decide on whether to pay their light bill or get a touch up.

I wanted to save money and make a step in the direction of an all natural lifestyle, something I struggle with and still trying to achieve daily. 

Some women and men think that natural hair is nappy hair or bad hair. I have that internal struggle with myself everyday! I get really discourage with my hair. I want my hair to get wet and instantly look like Rachel True's glamorous locks. (Which will NEVER happen...Ms. True is Biracial.) I get discourage, I don't feel "pretty" and go back to the creamy crack. 
Rachel True (pic from
When I flirt with natural hair, I'm not comfortable with it, so I hide it with wigs and pieces. Even last night I had a natural meltdown. I changed into four outfits only to realize I didn't like my hair and I slopped my wig back on my head. 

On Sunday, I attended Felicia Leatherwood's Loving Your Natural Hair Workshop here in Indianapolis. Ms. Leatherwood is a hair stylist out of Los Angeles who does hair for Jill Scott, Sanaa Latham, Terrence Howard and many more. So when it was broadcast she would be here in Indy. I was one of the first to buy a ticket. We even got product junkie swag bags!!! I love FREE stuff!

I learned so much from the workshops; techniques, eating healthy, styles. But what I learned most is to embrace my natural hair and LOVE MYSELF. Felicia told us to go home and for the next two weeks, look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself you love yourself THREE times a day. I challenge you to do the same thing. Let's see how we fill within two weeks time. In the meantime, I'm going to ween myself of my wigs and start being comfortable with what God put on my head; a glorious head of thick healthy tightly coiled hair.

Here are some pics from the Loving Your Natural Hair Workshop:

Felicia Leatherwood speaking to the audience.
Our free product junkie swag bags...A LOT of GREAT stuff!

MC of the festivities, Kyla Williamson.

Felicia demonstrating how to moisturize hair and a quick style remedy.

MC Kyla Williamson with Felicia Yvette Hooks, the woman who brought Felicia Leatherwood to Indy to speak.
Felicia continually told the audience, if we had any questions about our hair or hair products to contact her on her Facebook page and her website ( I invite you to do that. She answers her emails personally and is SO knowledgeable about ALL things hair...even Caucasian and Latina hair.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Local Love: Transformations

Friday night, I saw an awesome show. Transformations is an annual show designed and produced by Catherine Fritsch for DivaFest. 
Fristch speaking with the audience
 Fritsch is owner and designer of Mercurious Designs and Sweet Revenge Lingerie. She has 18 years experience in designing, pattern making and sewing services. In my book, she is the one of  the gurus of design AND she is one of the most humble and nicest person you will ever meet. She's also one of our clients at Aesthetic Design Style.
In the Transformation show, Fritsch takes off the wall objects, like styrofoam from bean bag chair and balloons, to make modern Victorian pieces.

Models were supplied by LModelz Modeling Agency. Makeup was done by Aesthetic Design Style's own Julia Rutland and Christopher Thompson of Re-Creations and Kathy Moberly of faces by klm. Hair styling was provided by Geneva Hair Studio and jewelry by Cheeky Couture
I was excited all week about this show. Here are a few of my favorite.

To find out more about Catherine Fritsch or Sweet Revenge Lingerie, go to her website.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Lovelace in the City: No Call No Show

Like always, a blast from my past has emerged! Mr. Rico called me about two weeks ago. I have not talked to him in almost two years because he moved to another state, but he always made sure to visit me whenever he came to Indy. Our relationship is one of the few that usually does not consist of any bullshit. We have great conversations and enjoy spending time together. He has never blown me off and always follows through.

Then the foolishness begins! The first time he called, he was very excited to talk to me and wanted to see me. I was actually excited to see him as well and arranged for us to hang out that evening. Well, Mr. Rico never showed up! He did not call or text, which is a little surprising. A total of two weeks have passed and he has called at least four times, saying he was coming over. Each time he was supposed to come over, HE DID NOT! He pulled the ultimate no call, no show. After the first few times, I was worried about him, but since he made no effort to call and explain, I went from concerned to pissed off. I absolutely hate it when people do not follow through with plans. Once he did not show up the first time, I decided to turn it into a game! I actually listened to my instinct and decided to agree to let him come over, regardless of the fact that I may or may not be at home. This past Friday, he promised he was coming after he got off work; I agreed although I was having dinner with friends. No, I did not cancel or shorten my plans with them, just because he proclaimed he was actually coming over this time! Guess what? He did not show up, yet again! Personally, I think that he is going for a record! He called again a few days after my birthday and I think I made him nervous. He instantly started the conversation with the apologies and promises to make it up to me. I calmly told him I was not upset and we were still on good terms. He started to explain himself and my only response was OK. Every woman knows when OK is used as a response, you have surpassed the anger level. Yet again, he wanted to come over, I just said OK! Once again, NO CALL, NO SHOW!

At this point, I really want to see how many times he will actually not show up! It is very entertaining to me, especially since I have no intentions on actually spending any time with him. I hope the one time he actually decides to follow through; he will arrive and be surprised by the company of someone else with me. I know that sounds shady, but I wait for NO ONE! Now he is living in Indy again, I hope he does not think we could be in a relationship. If you cannot keep your word and follow through on small things, there is no way I could trust you would be dependable for major life things! Sayonara Sucka...on to the next one!

Always remember to love yourself first and laugh at the fools who don’t!

XOXO Angel

Thursday, March 17, 2011

An Affair to Remember: Eliza Parker Preview

Have you ever fell in love with SOMETHING you just can't let go? Have you ever loved a piece of clothing you never want to take off?
Eliza Parker goodness...
My story begins as any story would. Once upon a time, I went to a preview show for Eliza Parker. I was so excited to have the brand here for Midwest Fashion Week. I'm a huge fan, but have to confess I don't own a stitch of EP. I'm a bargain shopper and Ms. Eliza is one of those things you have to save up for...until tonight.

I visited the website when I found out Eliza Parker was participating in fashion week so I can link their site to a Facebook status. One dress caught my eye...the Monaco Dress

Christine & Jess of Eliza Parker

Me, Christine & my friend Angela

I digress...let me tell you...Jess and Christine (of Eliza Parker) are the sweetest people you will ever meet. Not saccharin sweet...but Paula Deen butter and sugar sweet. I love them! They are like girlfriends you love to take shopping with you. They also shopped at Kohl's while they were here in HAVE to have patience for that! Very laid back...great people!

When I walked into the Skyline Club, which will be a whole other blog post in itself, I saw that Monaco Dress! I tried to resist it, but when another attendee tried on the dress, she looked gorgeous!

I had to try it on...I fell in LOVE instantly! Jess gave me a size 14/16 to try. I flinched but tried it on. It fit like a glove. You know I wear a 22/24! The belt didn't fit though...the ladies threw in their Interlocking Belt...for FREE! PLUS...she discounted the dress...$229 discounted to $150!!! I had to buy it. Even though I used half of my vacation flight had to be done! It was a must! (Good thing Jay later agreed to buy the dress for me...I love him!) I'm a EP convert; I will spend the money for Eliza Parker. I'm hooked now. 
What is my face doing?
Well I didn't want to take the dress off, so I kept it on for the duration of the preview...went and ran errands. Heads turned and I got multiple complements. I didn't want to take it off. I'm actually sad now. It's 10 p.m. and my dress is now laying across the love seat. I hear her little voice. Janelle, why did you take me off? Don't you love me? I love you little dress. You make me feel special and pretty...don't ever change!
Me & Jess

Jalene, of Wisdom Wealth Abundance, one of the producers of the event.
Sola, of Midwest Fashion Week, one of the producers of the event.

Jess & one of the beautiful runway models for Saturday's fashion gala.
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