Friday, March 18, 2011

Lovelace in the City: No Call No Show

Like always, a blast from my past has emerged! Mr. Rico called me about two weeks ago. I have not talked to him in almost two years because he moved to another state, but he always made sure to visit me whenever he came to Indy. Our relationship is one of the few that usually does not consist of any bullshit. We have great conversations and enjoy spending time together. He has never blown me off and always follows through.

Then the foolishness begins! The first time he called, he was very excited to talk to me and wanted to see me. I was actually excited to see him as well and arranged for us to hang out that evening. Well, Mr. Rico never showed up! He did not call or text, which is a little surprising. A total of two weeks have passed and he has called at least four times, saying he was coming over. Each time he was supposed to come over, HE DID NOT! He pulled the ultimate no call, no show. After the first few times, I was worried about him, but since he made no effort to call and explain, I went from concerned to pissed off. I absolutely hate it when people do not follow through with plans. Once he did not show up the first time, I decided to turn it into a game! I actually listened to my instinct and decided to agree to let him come over, regardless of the fact that I may or may not be at home. This past Friday, he promised he was coming after he got off work; I agreed although I was having dinner with friends. No, I did not cancel or shorten my plans with them, just because he proclaimed he was actually coming over this time! Guess what? He did not show up, yet again! Personally, I think that he is going for a record! He called again a few days after my birthday and I think I made him nervous. He instantly started the conversation with the apologies and promises to make it up to me. I calmly told him I was not upset and we were still on good terms. He started to explain himself and my only response was OK. Every woman knows when OK is used as a response, you have surpassed the anger level. Yet again, he wanted to come over, I just said OK! Once again, NO CALL, NO SHOW!

At this point, I really want to see how many times he will actually not show up! It is very entertaining to me, especially since I have no intentions on actually spending any time with him. I hope the one time he actually decides to follow through; he will arrive and be surprised by the company of someone else with me. I know that sounds shady, but I wait for NO ONE! Now he is living in Indy again, I hope he does not think we could be in a relationship. If you cannot keep your word and follow through on small things, there is no way I could trust you would be dependable for major life things! Sayonara Sucka...on to the next one!

Always remember to love yourself first and laugh at the fools who don’t!

XOXO Angel

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