Monday, April 12, 2010

Wear Some Good Underwear Under There

The weather is getting warmer and ladies don't lose your mind. Every year you can tell when it's spring or just getting warmer by what a woman wears. As a plus size women, we should all consider ourselves models and I like to dress sexy every now and then. That doesn't means let it all hang out! Ladies, be smart about your choice of fashion and your choice of undergarments as well. I hate trying on clothes, but I like to look good in my clothes as well. Whether that means wearing a full body shaper, control top pantyhose and wearing the right size bra. When you wear the correct undergarments with the proper size, you look great and you feel good about your size. Model your fashion this summer!!!!

Here are some tips on shopping for undergarments:

1. get measured for the right size bra,

2. wear the right size undergarments,

3. try out different shapers (full, partial, full control),

4. invest in more than one undergarment at a time (check out sales),

5. tone your body; lift weights, go swimming or whatever exercise you feel like doing.

(We love Spanx, but there are plenty of other hosiery and body shapers out there. I would start my search at the Spanx's website, Torrid or Bare Necessities)

Guest Contributor
Takia Harrow

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Dr. Phil's Ultimate FAT Debate


Takia Harrow, one of our guest contributors, texted me Tuesday night to tell me Dr. Phil was doing a show about obesity. She urged me to DVR it. I missed Tuesday's episode, but the show carried so much controversy, it was split into two parts. I missed the first part, so I set my DVR Wednesday to see what Dr. Phil has to say about the subject of obesity.

Let me just say, I am not a fan of Dr. Phil. He really rubs me the wrong way. He has a pompous arrogant aura around him; like his shit don't stink. So to sit down and watch an hour of his show really was a big sacrifice for me.

The show was hosted by Dr. Phil and Kelly Osbourne. The show turned out to be a panel debate. There were two fat haters disguised as health professionals, fitness trainer Michael Karolchyk and Director of National Action Against Obesity, Meme Roth. Fitness trainer and Biggest Loser fame, Jillian Michaels, rounded out the panel of health experts. Speaking on behalf of plus size community were, Director of the National Advancement for Fat Acceptance, Peggy Howell, plus size comedienne, Erica Watson and author Marianne Kirby. Comedian John Pinette shared his plus sized humor and tidbits as well.

The show picked up where part two left off, childhood obesity. Both parties agreed that nutrition should be taught in the school and the food industry and government are pushing poor foods on today's youth. According to Roth, in the New York City school system, 40% of the children are obese. Seventy percent of obese children will go on to become obese adults. All agreed the faux positive images presented by commercials and other advertisements coerce children and parents to make poor choices.

After all the guest agreed on that subject, things took a turn for the worse. Karolchyk told the audience there was no such thing as a healthy overweight person; and finding one would be like finding Sasquatch. "Everyone says he's real but no one can ever find him," Karolchyk said. Funny when I was a size 14/16, (the size I am trying to get back to.) I was in impeccable health. I could run a marathon. It is possible to be healthy and still be thick.

Karolchyk also said that U.S. Attorney General Regina Benjamin was too fat to hold such a title. Benjamin is only a size 18. The fitness trainer claims at her size she is not a good role model for our country. Erica Watson asked the trainer what size should the attorney general be. She got no answer.

Trainer Jillian Michaels spoke on how it takes hard work to lose weight and even nodded when Kelly Osbourne said there is no "magic pill". I find that hilarious considering Michaels' face is posted on numerous diet supplements and pills for endorsements. In fact, she has multiple lawsuits against her for false claims.

The only thing I did agree with Michaels on was the amount of hatred from the skinny community toward people of size; and boy was she right! There was so much hatred oozing from that show that it made me sick just to watch it. Everytime someone of size, on and off the panel, voiced something, there views were dismissed.

The show was not a success at all. It was just a lot of mudslinging. Nothing was one changed their point of view. What people need to realize is that if you want to lose weight...lose weight and do it in a healthy manner. If you want to stay your size...stay your size. No one should force their views and opinions on anyone else. Make sure you are healthy.

Osbourne wrapped it up perfectly, "You have to be happy with you."

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Get Designer Items at 80% off with Ideeli


So I am in a love hate relationship with Ideeli. Ideeli is a website where consumers can get a free membership and buy designer and brand name clothes, shoes and other items for up to 80% of the designer price. There is no membership fee to buy the items, but for those that want first dibs, you can upgrade to "1st row" for $24 a quarter or $84 a year. (Get a fashion show! Hee Hee snort snort!) Items are on sale for a couple of days or until they run out.

Chicas, they have the good stuff like DKNY Home, Christian LaCroix and Tommy Hilfiger at dirt cheap prices; a different share of designers every couple of days. The thing that sucks is that they don't feature a lot of clothing designers that carry plus unless you are a size 14 or 16. Every once in a while they will throw us a bone. They featured CK last week in "special sizes".  

If you are a label whore, then this site is for you. Where else can you get an Abs gold mesh lariat necklace for $99. The designer price...$250! On their facebook page, many people have complained about the lack of plus sizes and designers. Hopefully they will listen to their fans and open up their choices.

Monday, April 5, 2010

The Curvy Revolution...I Paid My First Installment!

(From website)

So sorry, I was sick last week so I didn't get any posting done. I hate being sick. I'm back on my game Mamis!

But while I was sick, I put my deposit down on The Curvy Revolution conference 2011 being held in Las Vegas, NV Feb. 18th-20th. I am so excited. I found out about the conference while blog surfing a couple of weeks ago. So I have been telling all my friends about the "big gurl conference".

Fashion shows and workshops are just a small part of the three day agenda. But what I think I am looking forward to the most is the "Diva Swap", swapping gently used clothes with other divas from all around the country. Just think about the possibilities!

Registration is inexpensive and easy! Go to to find out more details. Come on girls, even though it's in February, we all know that time is flying by. So plan now! Let take over Vegas yawh!

Hopefully, I can get an interview with the hostess of the event. When I do, I will definitely post it. I will keep you posted of any changes and updates as the event gets closer. I hope to see you there!
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