Friday, March 11, 2011

Lovelace in the City: Say My Name...Say My Name

This week I found myself in a bit of a pickle. Against my better judgment and at the request of my hormones, I decided to have a little rendezvous! It is been a VERY long time and I was started getting cobwebs.

I have a friend I indulge with from time to time, but I would never have a serious relationship with him for several reasons. The major reason is because he has nothing to bring to the relationship table and we are at different levels in life. Nonetheless, he is GREAT at other things, or so he was! I made the call and he already knows his role in my life, although I think he wants more. NOT HAPPENING!

In anticipation of my evening events, I prepared as any woman does. Shower, shave and smell good; the three S’ I like to call them and topped if off with a few glasses of wine. I had to get my mind right before his arrival because his personality can be a bit much to handle. Once he arrived, I knew it was probably a mistake, but of course, I never listen to my instincts!

Let the fun begin! In the first few moments, he is requesting the infamous “say my name”. Well I would have loved to say it, but unfortunately, I was about to call out SOMEONE ELSE’S name! Whoops, I caught myself before it came out. At least I hope I did. Apparently, I was thinking about an ex, which should not have been the case. To make matters worse, their names do not even start with the same letter, so clearly my thoughts were not where they should have been. I think that small mishap was the beginning of the end, because shortly it was over. (Sad face) He just stopped and NO he was not done! I had not even gotten half way to my desired goal. After his abrupt ending, he then wanted to talk! Ugh, I did not want to talk about anything, I just wanted him to leave so that I could finish and go to sleep! Sheesh, I did have to get up for work in a few hours and needed some sleep. About fifteen minutes later, after his babbling, he was ready to try again. I was so over it by then. I was not even listening to him. I told him I was done and he had the audacity to be upset with me, saying I needed to loosen up! All I could think was “Honey, I would blow your mind, only if you were someone else!” I really think our “friends with benefits” relationship has now ended. He has disappointed me the last several times. What is the point of having a friend with benefits if the premium is going up, but the quality is going down!

After he left, I was still reflecting on how I almost blurted out another man’s name! That is player rule #1! That just goes to show my player days are long gone and I am no longer interested in the “friends with benefits” type of relationship. I know if I were with someone I cared about, thinking about another man would not have happened! Guess I will be going back to my rules, no relations with anyone who is not my man!

Remember ladies, love yourself first and laugh at the fools who don’t!

XOXO Angel

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  1. This is so funny..Honey you can really tell a story!! Marta...


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