Thursday, March 31, 2011

Let's Get Physical

Lately the media is focusing on the younger generation; labeling them as the fattest generation. What has happen over these the years? Are families sitting on the couch more? Are parents allowing children to eat more? I noticed the past generations was more physical; they had to walk to school, church, or work and not everyone could not afford car or bus fare. Riding a bike was another past time children enjoyed. So encouraging our children to ride their bikes can be easy for some parents. but some children are glued to their TV or video controllers.

These children are becoming husky, busty or just thick before their time. Is it something in the food or genetics? Some parents are in denial calling it baby fat when their child is looking like Baby Huey. It’s time for us parents to step up and take charge of our family's health. We need to change our eating habits. Becoming an active family is not hard, there are so many activities families can do.

Here a few PHYSICAL Activities.

• Bowling

• Skating

• Field games (Kickball, volleyball, basketball, football, baseball)

• Walking

• Swimming

• Dancing

Those are activities you can invite another families to join the fun.
From elementary we are taught exercising is very important to our body. We have some school systems removing Physical Education to make the budget, while you have some kids out of breath by the time they walk up a flight of stairs. Let the school systems know that you support Physical Education programs.

Last year, our First Lady launches a campaign LET MOVE!!

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