About Me

Everyone is calling me Ruby...

...that's okay. My real name is Janelle Cissell. I started Ruby Leonne to help snag me a fashion public relations gig; but Ruby Leonne is more than that. If this blog has taught me nothing else; it's taught me dedication. I love meeting new and exciting people from across the globe.

I'm a woman, a daughter, a sister, an auntie, a fiance, a student, a writer and a professional. I'm just trying to master this thing called Life; something that is truly impossible.

I couldn't keep up with RL without my other writers;

Damariz Candelario

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Angel Lovelace,

Marta Rivera,

& Castelar Garcia Rivera.

They make sure something is up on the blog when I'm too busy to post.

Please visit my other blogs on the Aesthetic Design Style website and my tumblr weight loss blog.

Thanks for reading!
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