Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Weekend Love: Good or Bad Hair?

I've been fighting with my hair for over six years. I went natural for the first time about six years ago. No reason really; just wanted something new. 

I've been getting perms...or relaxers...whatever you want to call them...since I was 10 years old. The relaxer didn't make my hair break off. Besides the occasional scalp burns, the creamy crack didn't bother me. I got tired of the whole cost factor of getting your hair "did". Some black women spend more money on their hair and hair care products than they spend on their bills. I've seen women go without major necessities in order to get their hair done. I mean women trying to decide on whether to pay their light bill or get a touch up.

I wanted to save money and make a step in the direction of an all natural lifestyle, something I struggle with and still trying to achieve daily. 

Some women and men think that natural hair is nappy hair or bad hair. I have that internal struggle with myself everyday! I get really discourage with my hair. I want my hair to get wet and instantly look like Rachel True's glamorous locks. (Which will NEVER happen...Ms. True is Biracial.) I get discourage, I don't feel "pretty" and go back to the creamy crack. 
Rachel True (pic from actors.com)
When I flirt with natural hair, I'm not comfortable with it, so I hide it with wigs and pieces. Even last night I had a natural meltdown. I changed into four outfits only to realize I didn't like my hair and I slopped my wig back on my head. 

On Sunday, I attended Felicia Leatherwood's Loving Your Natural Hair Workshop here in Indianapolis. Ms. Leatherwood is a hair stylist out of Los Angeles who does hair for Jill Scott, Sanaa Latham, Terrence Howard and many more. So when it was broadcast she would be here in Indy. I was one of the first to buy a ticket. We even got product junkie swag bags!!! I love FREE stuff!

I learned so much from the workshops; techniques, eating healthy, styles. But what I learned most is to embrace my natural hair and LOVE MYSELF. Felicia told us to go home and for the next two weeks, look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself you love yourself THREE times a day. I challenge you to do the same thing. Let's see how we fill within two weeks time. In the meantime, I'm going to ween myself of my wigs and start being comfortable with what God put on my head; a glorious head of thick healthy tightly coiled hair.

Here are some pics from the Loving Your Natural Hair Workshop:

Felicia Leatherwood speaking to the audience.
Our free product junkie swag bags...A LOT of GREAT stuff!

MC of the festivities, Kyla Williamson.

Felicia demonstrating how to moisturize hair and a quick style remedy.

MC Kyla Williamson with Felicia Yvette Hooks, the woman who brought Felicia Leatherwood to Indy to speak.
Felicia continually told the audience, if we had any questions about our hair or hair products to contact her on her Facebook page and her website (Lovingyourhairworkshop.com). I invite you to do that. She answers her emails personally and is SO knowledgeable about ALL things hair...even Caucasian and Latina hair.

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