Monday, March 14, 2011

How I Became a Plus Size Advocate

Hi everyone, I am so glad to blog for you again.

 As Janelle wrote on my bio, I am a plus size advocate. This happened around three years ago when the Torrid Model Search came to Puerto Rico.

My daughter Ana found out they were having a casting and she dared to enter. We had no clue about her decision. She was chosen as a finalist to everyone’s surprise, not because she did not have the beauty, but because we had never talked about it.
Torrid Puerto Rico Models
Torrid had a fashion show at Plaza Las Americas in San Juan the Saturday before Mother's Day. Of course I went with my family to cheer her on. I did not know what to expect because plus modeling in Puerto Rico is not common at all. I sat down and waited for the show to begin. There was a fashion show with girls casting for Miss Puerto Rico Universe before the Torrid Show. They were beautiful ladies, but so fragile looking.

Ana Garcia, my daughter and first runner up.
Eight o’clock came and the fashion show began; Ana was the first one out. I remember her saying to me “Mom, I hope I don’t fall”. You know what, she didn’t fall and she was amazing. I also remember one lady next to me saying, “Goodness, she looks like a Miss Universe Plus”. I was so happy with that comment  because the lady did not know she was my daughter.

The other girls came out. They rocked that runway! I compared it with the other fashion show and had no comparison. The crowd loved them. They were all beautiful, real women that girls could relate to.

They called the third runner up Andrea Damaris. I loved her. She is a beautiful girl from Dorado, Puerto Rico. The second runner up was Samantha Sang, from Guaynabo, Puerto Rico who was one of my favorites. To my surprise the first runner up was Ana and I almost fainted. I started jumping up and down like a crazy woman. It was so funny when the lady that made the comment asked me if I knew her and when I told her she was my daughter she started screaming and jumping up and down too.

I will never forget that moment. I looked back to see the reaction on the faces of my son Yoel, his girlfriend Elenia and Ana’s husband Ricardo and they were all in shock! I still laugh when I think about it. It was the best Mothers Day present I have ever received. The winner was Krystal Cusimano who is an amazing girl from Juncos, Puerto Rico. I also met her mother Rosemary at the after party at The Hilton. I found her to be very gracious and very supportive of her daughter.

Ana and winner of the Torrid Puerto Rico Model Search, Krystal Cusimano
Torrid did an excellent job. They organized and treated the girls like queens. At that moment, I knew I wanted be an advocate for plus size girls. What could I do to get them noticed? What are some models doing now? Well, you will have to stay tuned to my next blogs and I will tell you all about it.

The winners, Torrid President and spokesmodel Germaine
Hope you like the pics of Torrid House of Dreams in Puerto Rico!!

Blessings to all,

~ Marta

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  1. While I read the story I smiled. I was transported to the Fashion Show and I wasn't even there...Excellent Blog...Two thumbs up!! (Delhi)


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