Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Weekend Love: Happy 30th Birthday, Maya!

My sister turns 30 today! I can't believe it!!!

My sister and I have always been close. We fight each other and call each other out of our names...but we are still close. Maya is really my half sister; we have different fathers. Our fathers weren't in our lives, so we lived with our mother and disabled grandmother...just the four of us ladies getting on each other's last nerves. We never considered ourselves as half sisters, in fact I remember when I was younger someone told me we were. I was hurt and shocked. My mother quickly told me there was no such thing as "half", she was my full blooded sister.

We are so opposite but the same...she has issues with food; she "forgets" to eat, I think about food all day. I wanted to be a fashion designer, she wanted to be a model. I sang (I even recorded a day I will do the 25 things you don't know about me!), she danced (she teaches adults and children hip hop, jazz and cheer now). I called her Skeletor (like from He-Man cause she was so thin), she called me Bertha Butt (because of my big booty).

I love my sister even with all our issues. She is one of the two people that know EVERYTHING about me. (the other person is Jay.) We love each other in spite of... I'm blessed to have her in my life.

We celebrated her birthday this past weekend with friends. Here's some pics...
What I wore: Shirt: Old Navy, Belt: Eliza Parker, Skirt: Torrid, With my red shoes and glasses. This was my FOURTH outfit changed...when I realized it was my HAIR I didn't like.

The gang at Ruth Chris Steakhouse.

Maya & her birthday cake

Nicole & Maya

Jay & Angiee

$2 drinks anyone...

She really didn't drink them like that...I just made a great pic!

Okay...some girl had on black tennis shoes with white socks...her wardrobe was shocking too!

Donna, her boyfriend Terry & Maya

Get down girl!

Happy Birthday, Maya! God has blessed you richly!

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