Thursday, March 17, 2011

An Affair to Remember: Eliza Parker Preview

Have you ever fell in love with SOMETHING you just can't let go? Have you ever loved a piece of clothing you never want to take off?
Eliza Parker goodness...
My story begins as any story would. Once upon a time, I went to a preview show for Eliza Parker. I was so excited to have the brand here for Midwest Fashion Week. I'm a huge fan, but have to confess I don't own a stitch of EP. I'm a bargain shopper and Ms. Eliza is one of those things you have to save up for...until tonight.

I visited the website when I found out Eliza Parker was participating in fashion week so I can link their site to a Facebook status. One dress caught my eye...the Monaco Dress

Christine & Jess of Eliza Parker

Me, Christine & my friend Angela

I digress...let me tell you...Jess and Christine (of Eliza Parker) are the sweetest people you will ever meet. Not saccharin sweet...but Paula Deen butter and sugar sweet. I love them! They are like girlfriends you love to take shopping with you. They also shopped at Kohl's while they were here in HAVE to have patience for that! Very laid back...great people!

When I walked into the Skyline Club, which will be a whole other blog post in itself, I saw that Monaco Dress! I tried to resist it, but when another attendee tried on the dress, she looked gorgeous!

I had to try it on...I fell in LOVE instantly! Jess gave me a size 14/16 to try. I flinched but tried it on. It fit like a glove. You know I wear a 22/24! The belt didn't fit though...the ladies threw in their Interlocking Belt...for FREE! PLUS...she discounted the dress...$229 discounted to $150!!! I had to buy it. Even though I used half of my vacation flight had to be done! It was a must! (Good thing Jay later agreed to buy the dress for me...I love him!) I'm a EP convert; I will spend the money for Eliza Parker. I'm hooked now. 
What is my face doing?
Well I didn't want to take the dress off, so I kept it on for the duration of the preview...went and ran errands. Heads turned and I got multiple complements. I didn't want to take it off. I'm actually sad now. It's 10 p.m. and my dress is now laying across the love seat. I hear her little voice. Janelle, why did you take me off? Don't you love me? I love you little dress. You make me feel special and pretty...don't ever change!
Me & Jess

Jalene, of Wisdom Wealth Abundance, one of the producers of the event.
Sola, of Midwest Fashion Week, one of the producers of the event.

Jess & one of the beautiful runway models for Saturday's fashion gala.


  1. I was one of the other models in the Gala show and I COMPLETELY understand your calling for this dress. After the show was over, I didn't take the dress off and purchased it right then, then proceeded to wear it home. Now, it's at the dry cleaners and I'm having a little bit of separation anxiety. I also just ordered the million ways wrap in black. I'm a total EP LOVER!!!

  2. I know...I'm trying to find my next function to wear it to. I get up every morning and I want to wear it to work...but it's a little dressy for that. One day I may have to break it out, I don't care! My next purchase is the Sevilla Dress.


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