Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Clearance Genius

Okay, so I'm not the most photogenic in the world (especially in the hot sun just getting off of work). But I did want to let everyone know about my cool outfit I wore today. Now is the best time to shop. Many stores are doing the transition from summer to fall. The sales are endless. This little get up cost me under $20 (not counting shipping). The shirt was from Lane Bryant, $ 7.98 and the leggings are from Torrid, $8.99 (plus shipping...we don't have a Torrid here in Indy). So now is the time to shop. Take advantage of the clearance items and coupons all these retailers are offering. You never know when you may get a great deal!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Loop 18 Review

(sign outside of store)

So earlier in the week, I posted a new store opening on Facebook. Since I saw the post for Loop 18's grand opening on the internet, I've never been so excited to venture a retail store. Their website gives you no real grasp of what you will find or prices. Looking on the web I found out that it is owned by Charming Shops and is considered the little sister to Lane Bryant. Last night I went to Lane Bryant in Circle Center (Indianapolis, IN), and the store associates there had no clue what I was talking about. They were as eager as I to find out what it was like. In fact, they asked me to call them as soon as I got there to see what goodies the store held so they could drive down south and spend spend spend.

So this morning my sister, niece and boyfriend hopped in the car and drove down to Edinburgh's Premium Outlet mall to see Loop 18 for ourselves. (Well, they had other agendas too.)

Loop 18 is not a store but it is a section within the Lane Bryant store. All the store associates were pumped as they wore the new Loop 18 gear. (By the way...the service at the LB in Circle Center and Edinburgh is impeccable!) Indeed the clothes are the sister of Lane Bryant. The clothes are something I would wear...not teeny bopper but not matronly. Soon as I walked in the door I was drawn to the section like flies on...well you get my drift. The colors pop out and the cut of the clothes are perfect. I'm in a between size stage and the fit of their clothes are awesome. It is considered a junior plus, but sizes start at 13 and go to 27. (I'm in a size 22-26 depends on cut and material of item...and the 23-25 fit me fine.)

 Though the section is still kinda small, I am really impressed with the products. The prices are comparable to Lane Bryant but with it in an outlet setting, I suspect that markdowns and discounts will be plentiful. Today it was 25% off PLUS if your Loop purchase was over $75, you got an extra $18 off. PLUS I signed up and used my new Lane Bryant card. I got two dresses, a pair of jeans, a sweater and a t-shirt for just $100!!! I felt proud of myself.

Here are all my Loop 18 purchases and cost (I apologize...I just got home and my boyfriend snapped the pics. We'd been out in the hot sun all day so I'm not at my best.)

(Sweater: Loop 18 retail price $39.95 sale price (after coupons and discount) $25.50 Tank top: (from my closet) Old Navy $7 Jeans: Loop 18 retail price $49.95 sale price $31.89)

(detail in jeans)

(Dress: Loop 18 retail price $39.95 sale price $25.50)

I bought a couple more things, but these were the purchase I made from the Loop 18 section. Bottom line, Lane Bryant gets a thumbs up for making clothing that fits well and can worn by those who are not old or have Bieber fever. I will make the trip frequently until they open one here in Indy (which I do suggest) or until the snow starts falling and I'm too lazy to drive. (They don't have internet sales yet.)

Monday, July 19, 2010

Real Women Exposed Part Un

The ladies of Ruby Leonne spent last Thursday night gazing at the creations of local designers and retailers at 4cast Magazine's Real Women Exposed: Fashion Experience at Club 500. Here is my take and top picks of the night.

I was disappointed because the show started late. I hate waiting and I had to be at work the next day. So I was a little annoyed when the show first started. But once the show got underway, we were truly entertained.

The organizers didn't say whose designs were whose, but I did reach out to KoKo Brown, a designer here in Indy. She describes her clothes as being classy, sexy and graceful. I agree. Most of her designs made my top picks. RL hopes to do an interview and spotlight KoKo in a future post. I'm sorry for not having the names of the designers.

So here are my top 10 pics of the night!

My favorite of the night! Designed by KoKo Brown
The blue chiffon top is a truly flirty piece for hot summer days. The model worked it!

Another piece by KoKo Brown. Who says you can't wear stripes?

Designed by KoKo Couture (not to be mistaken for KoKo Brown)

A simple black dress made elegant with the ornamentation on the sides. A great piece!

Love the dress...remember ladies with your ripped fashions to be careful and tasteful with your undies. The accessories really helped the feel of the dress. A definite 10!

Keeping it sporty and full of attitude!

Here comes the sun! A great sophisticated piece that is very versatile.

The top is superb. You can wear with flirty shorts or jeans.

The off the shoulder top is huge now. It is becoming a staple in the wardrobe of the plus size woman.

Bubble dresses scare me. I'm a large hipped woman, so I fear anything that will make me look wider. But this piece was well executed. Nothing scary here.

More to come from the Real Women Exposed Show. Hopefully we can get Mrs. Takia to give us her top 10 soon. 

~ Janelle

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Boutique Update

It has been a CRAZY weekend, but filled with some exciting news.

While at work and surfing the web on Wednesday, I saw a listing on Craig's List that excited me. You have to be careful on Craig's List, there are a lot of crazies out there. The ad was for an already established boutique for a possible buyout or partnership. I was fearful to respond to the ad. Questions were swirling in my mind...Am I ready for a big step? This store thing is so big...it's bigger than me. What about money and supplies? If I quit my job, what about insurance and benefits? Doubt just circled my whole being, but I responded anyways. I just knew I wouldn't get a response anyways...or would I? Within minutes I got a call from an unrecognized number. I didn't answer in fear. The next day I checked my messages and it was the owner of JJ's Apparel and Accessories wanting to speak with me. I called back and we set up a meeting on Saturday.

Saturday morning, my meeting went great. I was nervous at first...bought a pack of cigarettes (I've been good about not smoking...but I needed one!) After talking with the owners about a vision and each other's needs, a partnership seems promising. We will be contacting each other this week and I will let the world know if Ruby Leonne will be a co-owner of JJ's Apparel and Accessories. Even if this doesn't happen, I still have the taste in my mouth. My only goal is to have a job that I love. I don't want to get up in the morning and dread going to work. I've done that for too long. It's not work if you love to do it.

So there is still a lot of questions up in the air...will I quit my job...how will I make money...are people going to buy...but one thing is for certain...it will all work out if it is meant to be.
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