Friday, March 4, 2011

Lovelace In the City: Why Lie?

Hello Fellow Bloggers!

One of my biggest pet peeves about men is their inability to lie! Lying is automatic grounds for dismissal; but when a man lies about small things, I simply lose respect for them. Men lie for all different types of reasons; some men lie to protect their significant other feelings, some lie to not get in trouble, some lie to protect their egos and some lie simply because they are stupid! Whatever the reason, lying to me is unacceptable. It doesn't matter to me if the truth will hurt my feelings or make me upset; I deserve the right to express my own emotion, whether it is anger, sadness or joy! Do not decide how I will respond, because you will always be wrong! With that said, let me share the latest male fiasco.

I use to briefly date someone we will call Mr. Photoshoot a few years ago. The main reason I stopped the relationship was because we never spent any time together. We still keep in touch, mainly because I love the sex! Although the sex is wonderful, I have very low tolerance for his personality so I still do not see him very often. My intuition always told me never to believe the words he spoke. He is a nice person, but something about him never sat well with me. Matter of fact, it has been very close to a year since I have seen him. He's the type of person who acts more feminine than I do at times! He is always nagging me because I have not been to his new apartment or the fact that I never make time for him. Honestly, I have no intention or desire in spending time with him and I figured he would have figured it out by now.

For those who know me, when I drink it is a completely new ball game. I am a very happy and friendly drunk! (This leads me into my story)

A few weeks ago, I was out celebrating a friend’s birthday and had a lot to drink. The club had $2 you-call-its, so what I spent $20 on drinks before 11 o’clock! Don’t judge me! Obviously, I was in the mood to spread the love so I made a few calls to several “friends”. Clearly, I was very drunk and I called Mr. Photoshoot so we could “spend time together”. When we talked, he stated that he was at a local nightclub and he wanted to see me. Well he took too long to leave the club, so I went home and crashed.

Two days later, he texted me making general conversation about the weekend activities. Apparently, he forgot that he talked to me a few nights earlier and stated that he was in MIAMI, FL over the weekend. We live in INDIANA, there was no way on earth he could have possibly been in Miami. When I heard the lie he was telling, all I could do was laugh. I thought to myself, am I being punked? What was the purpose of lying about his whereabouts? I decided to play along just to see how far he was willing to take this story. I asked him when did he go to Miami and come back. His answer was he left Saturday morning and returned to Indy late Sunday evening. The problem with his story is I talked to him on Saturday evening and he was very much in the city, of Indianapolis that is! I am no genius, but I am smart enough to know Indianapolis and Miami are not the same city... not even close. I had no more conversation with him at that point.

The funny part is he had no reason to lie. We are NOT in a relationship, so I do'nt care about him being with other girls, or anything of that nature. To be honest, I was just going to have sex with him...then not call for a few months! So now his lying tendencies have been brought to the light, he has been deleted from the cell phone and all communication has ceased. There is no sex great enough for me to look pass blatant and disrespectful behavior. If he were willing to lie about something small like being at a certain club, then he would lie about something big that could be detrimental to my health. Although he is number two on my best toonch list, a feminine personality and lying got him quickly demoted. Hell, I can find a replacement if need be!

Remember ladies, love yourself first and laugh at the fools who don’t!

XOXO Angel

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