Friday, April 1, 2011

Chilvary is DEAD!

Hello Blog World!

This week, I want to discuss an issue I've been noticing for the last several years. Gentlemen no longer exist.

My first adult experience with dating was actually very enjoyable. I always met the guy who open doors, brought flowers and attempted to woo me. Now I just meet men who want to “hang out” at my house late at night, expects you to pay, thinks complementing my ass is going to make me smile or has never planned a real date. When did chivalry die and where are all the gentlemen?

Chivalry is not only dead in the dating world, but also in everyday life. I notice several times a day at my job, men do not open or hold doors for women or if I open the door for myself, they beat me going through the door! What is happening? When did men stop being gentlemen?

I don't know if where I live has anything to do with it or not because my better dating experiences have been with southern men. Maybe the men in my current city are just lazy, after all the city nickname is Naptown! I'm not sure how men in other states go about being a gentleman but until I move out of state, I am stuck dealing with these lame lazy men.

To the men I have recently met, I may come off as hard to please; but I just wanted to be treated like the queen I am. It is very attractive for a man to open a door, give a nice complement, send flowers just because or simply be taken on a pre-arranged date. I refuse to settle for these lazy and inconsiderate men, so I will keep rejecting them as I have been for the last several years! Ladies, hopefully you have a true gentlemen in your life, if not tell them to step their game up or move on! That’s all for this week, check back next week to see what kind of foolishness I have gotten myself into.

Always remember to love yourself first and laugh at the fools who don’t!

XOXO Angel


  1. I just had an experience at the barber w/ my children! Guy parked behind me and almost ran my sons down to walk in the door ahead of us! I was outdone and on fire!

  2. Ain't this the happens all over the world. In Puerto Rico I see it all the time. This is why some ladies leave their "gentleman" Loved this blog......(Marta)

  3. I will never forget this time when I was filling my tires up with air. I guess I put to much air in because it EXPLODED. A guy who was pumping his gas came over and said, "I was trying to tell you to stop." He asked me if I knew how to change a tire. I said no (I've seen it done, but never done it myself.) He laughed and got into his car and sped away. True story! Chivary is DEAD and we need to teach our sons because if we don't some trifling man will!

    Thanks for reading guys!!


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