Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year & Domino Dollhouse Review

(Happy New Year! So hot in our apartment...60 degrees in December in INDIANA! It took so long for the temperature to regulate. The tons of jello shots and pineapple vodka didn't help much either!)

Happy New Year from Ruby Leonne! 

I was privileged to end the year at home with close friends. It's hard having single friends when you're in a relationship. Most of the party left before midnight so they can go and hang with their potential significant others. But I want to thank everyone for coming out and spending time with Jay and I. It was a great time. Can you believe it's a new year...a new decade.

Before the party I had a wardrobe melt down. I told my fiance to wear black; I had planned to wear my new Cocktails for Breakfast dress I bought from Domino Dollhouse. Domino Dollhouse is a new online plus size boutique I was introduced to by a blog post by Stiletto Siren of Lips Hips & FATshion Tips. They sell apparel, accessories and shoes. 

When I first got the dress a few weeks ago, I was impressed with the service. I got my order within 2-3 days. The cost was reasonable and inexpensive. When I first looked at the dress, I winced. I am a size 22/24; sometimes a 26 in the hips. This dress appeared to be REALLY small but not small enough that I couldn't make it work...or so I thought! Umm yeah...I got a 3X (Junior Plus), I couldn't get it past my hips and zipping it up was not an option. I was so disappointed! One of my friends LOVED it and could fit it so I sold it to her. 

I will order from Domino Dollhouse again. I love the speed of service and chat with the owner , Tracey, on Twitter frequently. She is a doll! I will just be careful or steer clear of the junior plus items. Here is my wish list from Domino Dollhouse...

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