Thursday, January 27, 2011

Tubular Thrifting

I'm just starting to enjoy thrifting. I used to dread going into a thrift store and picking through all the clutter. But just recently, I've grown to enjoy something I thought was a chore. In fact, I'm taking a friend thrifting next week. Hopefully I find some good stuff. I'll keep you posted!

Dress: Goodwill (retail $2.99) Belt: (My favorite belt) Lane Bryant Boots: Old Navy Necklace: Princess (retail $1.99)
This little 80's moo moo is so cute with a belt to give me some sort of waistline and definition. I saw the print and I had to have it! I love the 80's!

Oh and speaking of thrifting, I just bought some Steve Maddens from an online thrift store called, The Fly's Nest, on the Sense of Fashion website. I haven't gotten them yet...but they we're a size 11. You have to snatch up the size 11s! They go fast.

~ Janelle

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