Thursday, January 6, 2011

All Hail to the Queen

Queen Latifah hosted last night's People's Choice Awards. Ms. Dana Owens has come a long way from the dashiki wearing rapper spitting rhymes about women's rights and unity. She's always been goregous in my book and last night was no exception! 
Old Skool Latifah....



  1. She is so fabulous! I really loved all of her looks last night! I loved her statement jeweled necklace she wore in her first outfit! I also loved her turquoise floor length dress with the ombre coloring effect!! AMAZING!

    Xo- Christy

  2. YES! All hail the mighty Queen! I was hoping you'd have a pic of the AMAZING blue dress she had on at the People's Choice Awards. But, any post about Queen Latifah is well worth having.


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