Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Working Toward Family Fun: Part Three

Writing "Date with my Mate", I decided to continue the family fun series and talk about planning a family vacation.

Family vacations are the most unpredictable events or your life; you don’t know how many stories are going to be involved in the end. Thanksgiving 2009, we decided to take a road trip to Washington D.C.. It took us 12 hours to get to our final destination. We invested in a charger for all electronics we took; from laptops to cell phones. The laptop comes in handy so the kids can watch movies and fall asleep. Packing a c
when we filled up the truck bathroom and snack breaks. 

 Last July, my family and I decide to go to an amusement park for the day. We took a two and a half hour drive with a four and seven year old. It was our first amusement park trip and I learned so much. The family lockers are not big enough! Can you imagine a family of four putting their clothes and shoes in a locker you can barely fit two dictionaries in? Overpriced food is a big NO-NO! Pack a cooler with your favorite’s snacks, sandwiches, juices and water. 

Quick Tips on Family Vacation
Plan ahead what you want to do on the trip.(Sightseeing, visit family, or relaxing)
How long and when are you staying? Check out specials; compare week vs. weekend pricing.
Ask family or friends about their favorite places.
Check for places with kitchenette to save money.
Pack cooler with favorite goodies. Go to deli for fresh lunch meat and cheese.
Pack plastics; no glass for safety.
If you're going someplace with washer and dryer; pack less.
Take movies and activity books for the kids to keep them busy.

Where to Stay
Rent a condo/home (Split the bill with another family)
Cabin (Sleeps from 2-12 people)

Check out websites



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