Thursday, January 20, 2011

Really? Neti Pots

My boyfriend has horrible sinus problems. He was told by his doctors not even surgery could help. It's so bad it affects his sense of smell and taste. I've been trying to get him to try alternative methods to help him with his situation. I suggested a neti pot for YEARS...literally since we've been together. So while we were at the store this weekend, he snuck a cylinder similar to a neti pot in the cart. Men are so typical!

Neti pots are supposed to help remove all the toxins, impurities and nasty gunk from your nostrils and sinus cavity. Getting rid of the impurities in your body helps to ward off illness and give you energy. People practicing Holistic medicine and some doctors swear by neti pots.You put the spout in one nostril, bend your head down, make sure your mouth is OPEN and you're BREATHING (notice this is in caps...because someone almost drowned themselves) and squeeze or pour depending on the type of pot you have. The saline solution should come out of your other nostril; washing away any impurities you may have hiding in your cavities. 

Okay...this process was HILARIOUS and we laughed until we cried. You're supposed to do it twice a day; but he's only done it twice since Monday. He really notices a difference in his breathing. Ummm do we have something here? Really?

WARNING: The pictures you're about to see are not for the easily squeamish!

Hahahahaha...he's going to kill me for posting these!


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