Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Working Toward Family Fun: Part One

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Make this year a BRAND new start for your family to spend more time together. I’m honored to write about family issues. Family can be wonderful when they all get along, but sometimes every family has their moments. Family values have changed from generations to generations. There are a lot of things that I want to share and challenge you and your family to do. 

(pic from Yoga in my Schools)
The first project I want to recommend is completing a GOAL POSTER for the family; then do one for each individual. Goal posters are great projects for family to do. Get some markers, paints, crayons, glitters, glue, poster, scissors, and magazines. Goals can be anything from clean house, dream house, new car, saving money, adding a new addition to the family (spouse, baby or pet) and vacations. Cut out pictures from old magazines or catalogs, and paste the pictures on the poster. When your finished put the poster up in a common area in the house. Every time you accomplish something, be sure to put the date on the poster. So your family can reflect on their accomplishments throughout the year. 

Remember, goal posters can be short or long term, so you can do one for each season. Have FUN!!!


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