Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Working Toward Family Fun: Part Two

Date with My Mate

Taking time out for you and your mate is VERY important. Dating your mate can be very affordable and even sometimes FREE. Our children are watching us; we're raising someone's future wife or husband. We need to set a good example. You can break and take time with your mate anytime; you don't have to go out. Have a breakfast or lunch date when the kids are in school. This is a great way to save don't have to pay a sitter.
Here are a few themes or ideas for dating your mate:

Set a monthly date.
Make meals together for your date.
Order lunch and a movie (Netflix or any movie membership is a plus)
Check out some local food places.
Catch up on some of those DVR programs.
Call off work.
Go to the park.
Take pictures outdoors.

If a day is not enough with your boo, try a weekend getaway. Invest in AAA or a travel agent, find a sitter who can also house sit and go on an adult's only road trip. Reading directions, stopping at outlet malls or stopping for a quick bite to eat are all activities we take for granted. Make a CD or IPod playlist for the trip. If you don't feel like traveling far, check out a local bed in breakfast. You can pack a cooler or pick a hotel or room with a kitchenette to save money. You can also log your trip on video to keep your memories and share with family and friends. No sex tapes please!


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