Thursday, December 30, 2010

Reflection: Bye Bye 2010 Hello 2011

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 Tomorrow's New Year's Eve! I never thought 2010 would be so memorable. I started my blog, almost partnered with a clothing boutique, traveled outside of the country for the first time, got engaged, got a position working for a GREAT fashion marketing company, connected with people in my past life and met and worked with many new people along the way. 

2010 was a year for rebirth. I symbolized that with my kickin' phoenix tattoo I got in January. I still have formula behind my ears, but I'm ready to grow and flourish into the woman and brand I want to become. 

I don't want to make resolutions; most people that do don't keep them. I want to proclaim this is a new year...heck it's a new I have new goals. Goal #1: Healthy is wealthy. You only have one body and one mind. You can add or subtract to it, but in the end it's all you got. Take care of yourself. Goal #2: Get Yo Business Right! I love blogging, but I get so caught up with "how everyone else is doing it". I need to do concentrate on me, Ruby, our needs and wants. Goal #3: Time management is key. I heard something last night on the show My Strange Addiction (my new guilty pleasure show), you need to have eight hours for sleep, eight hours for work and eight hours for you. GREAT advice. I need to manage work (both jobs), school, blogging and personal time. 

Here are a few my 2010 highs...

(my phoenix tat, January 2010)

(SOME of my girls and me December 2010)

("I'm on a Boat!"Cabo San Lucas, Mexico May 2010)

(blog post 2010)

 We're just getting started here at the Ruby Leonne we will see you next year! Be safe and have a great holiday!!


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  1. LOVE the Phoenix tattoo!! Congrats on your engagement too!! Best Wishes for a fabulous new year!

    Xo- Christy


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