Friday, January 14, 2011

Lovelace in the City: Sunday Morning

Hello Friends!

Well foolishness has resurrected its ugly head over this last week! I almost feel as if this could be my fault since I let my guard down just a tinch. My closest friends always say I have mannish behavior and take on the male role in some relationships. Let me explain my definition of mannish behavior. These behaviors can include: not calling the potential boo for several days in a row, sitting on the couch doing nothing and simply not answering your phone, after sex telling them to leave or get yourself quickly dressed and exit the premises, not expressing ANY emotion and preferring to hang with friends instead of your boo. Sometimes I make a conscious effort to repress these behaviors and act more like a woman; by showing concern when not called, being nice, making conversation and wanting to spend quality time. When showing my woman side, I ALWAYS gets my feelings hurt. With that said, let me tell you about this week’s latest casualty!

I met this guy (we’ll call him Sunday Morning) through an online dating site a few months ago. We talked very briefly, about two weeks, before we stopped calling each other. He had potential to become a boo; good job, car, only one child, etc. My only issue with him at the time was he spoke of futuristic things too soon for my liking. He would make comments about us moving in together and moving out of town. Clearly that freaked me out since that was in our first conversation.

Anywhoo, he emailed me last week talking about he missed me and complications with his phone prevented him from calling since he had lost all contacts (and I delete people really really fast). I decided to entertain the idea since I know how stupid smart phones can be. The first day of contact resulted in tons of text messages of him saying he missed me and really wanted to see me. Of course all women want to hear those things, so yea, I was flattered and felt a little giddy. So against my better mannish behavior, I responded to his texts, planned an evening to hang out and even talked to him while Private Practice was on!!!! WTF? I only talk to my friends via text during that show! So I let him come over the next evening. The evening was going well. We had very good conversation about relationships, goals, kids and marriage! (Yea I know, it freaked me out at first, but liked the idea of thinking ahead with someone). Then it happened, he kissed me. LAWD, those lips of his are STUPEFYING!!!!! That’s the best word to describe it because I became stupid for the next several hours! After the evening wrapped up, I felt like a little school girl with butterflies, hoping more would come.

Unfortunately, it’s a wrap! I called the next day, as requested, NO ANSWER. I waited a few days later to call again or at least see if he would call me back. Nope, nada, nothing, no call, no text, no talk!!!!! WOW! It’s been a week since I have last spoken with him and have already deleted him from my phone again! The saddest part is he will be like all the others and call/text within the next few weeks; crying that same tune “I miss you”. My response will be to him: Well you will just have to miss me some more because you won’t be talking to me!

Talk about feeling rejected and crushed. Damn, I knew I should have kept my guard up. Whelp, I guess it’s back to my mannish behavior a while longer.

Tune in next week to see what kind of loveless foolishness I can get myself into!

Remember ladies, love yourself first and laugh at the fools who don’t!

XOXO Angel

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