Monday, January 24, 2011

Pull the Thread: Avid Accents Review

I ordered a cardigan from Avid Accents about a month ago. Avid Accents is an online boutique selling both plus and standard size apparel and accessories. The price points range from $10 to $25.

 I haven't worn the sweater yet, so this weekend I decided to give it a try.
Let me just say, when I got the package I was at work. Everytime I receive clothes at work, it brightens the rest of my day. Opening the package, I found a little hand addressed card with a coupon code AND a free pair of earrings. It was a plus the purple leaf earrings matched the cardigan perfectly. Too bad the holes in my ears are now closed and I've been forced to wear clip ons. (I've had my ears pierced four times since birth; I refuse to get them done again.) So the earrings {sniff} will be regifted.

Notice the coupon code.
I LOVE THIS SWEATER! It is truly one of my favorite things in my closet. The construction of the garment is beautifully done (which scared me because the sweater was only $15). The material is breathable and the colors are vibrant. The only thing wrong was the belt that was included; It didn't fit at all. But I had a black belt in closet anyways, so I wore that instead.

Cardigan: Avid Accents (retail $15)
Black Tank: Old Navy
Belt: Lane Bryant
Jeans: Source of Wisdom from Torrid 
I got many compliments about this cardigan and shared my experiences with Avid Accents with everyone that asked. I will be ordering from them again! Stop by their website RIGHT NOW for 30% off the retail price on ALL their items.


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  1. Thanks for the review. I am so happy you enjoy your cardigan. I wear mine all the time! Be on the lookout next month for new items at Avid Accents Apparel.



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