Tuesday, April 19, 2011

So You Think You Can Dance

Hi, today’s blog is a fun one. Who doesn’t like to dance? Almost everyone. On the Island we have Salsa, Merengue, Plena and Belly Dancing among others. This last dance caught my eye because it's not common here and not everyone can do this. The dancer needs certain qualities in his/her natural disposition, in his/her physical constitution and character and in his/her performance. 

Susan with belly dancers Darlyl Montaez and Tracey Ortega
I was on Facebook one day and to my surprise I found a beautiful plus size belly dancer from Puerto Rico. I know her because I have her as a friend on Facebook. Her name is Susan Santana, a lovely girl from Bayamon, Puerto Rico. I contacted her and she was gracious enough to tell me her story as a plus size belly dancer. I was in shock to see this beautiful plus size girl dancing. Susan has so much grace; I don’t impress easily and this girl impressed me. 

She told me while she was at the University, she met up with a childhood friend named Stephanie, who told Susan she gave Belly Dancing classes. Susan decided to give it a shot and  loved it. It makes her relax and she's lost some weight. 

Last month she had the honor of dancing for an ex-governor of Puerto Rico, Sila Maria Calderon. The ex-governor sent for her and told her she was one of the best dancers there. She was so happy because it was her birthday and this was the best present. 
Susan, Darlyl, Tracey and Sila Maria Calderon, ex-governor of Puerto Rico.
Susan wanted me to write this message from her, “for anyone that is reading this, I want you to know that you can control your mind, because the mind is powerful. Love yourself the way you are, with your virtues and defects, because nobody is perfect. If you have a dream, go for it. Try it because this is the only way you will know if you could do it. You can show others that you and all the plus size girls can do what they want because they are talented just like anyone else. Our dreams have to go one more size!!!!” 

I loved her message, my eyes teared up because she is doing what I always say you should do. PERSEVERE and NEVER give up your dreams!!!! I wish Susan the best of luck because she is brave enough to pursue her dreams!

Blessings to all,


  1. Hi!!!

    I met Susan on facebook, it was on a clothes brand for plus sizes women.

    She won a contest and I wanted to talk to her because she's really cool, opened and sympathetic. She gives to people the desire to talk to her.

    She has not the big head and she's really funny.

    Now, we often speak on fb and she teaches me spanish words, when I sent her the translation in french. lol

    I am really happy to meet her. And I am happy to see that from the other side of the world, we do the same "positive fight" about our shapes. Because depending the place where we do live, to be born as we are,
    it always doesn't please to everyone,
    and sometimes people can do very hurtful things to you on purpose only for your difference,
    what isn't an intelligence's & heart's proof from their part.

    Because in France, it is really hard too.

    Even to find a job, because appearences count a lot. Even more than your brain, your talent, your abilities & your education sometimes.

    People still close us between "cases", and put us into the shelves of the "plus sizes" clothes etc, when everything else is done normally for the thin persons.

    You never see a "thin sizes" board in stores for anything, even at job or so things. But for us yes. It is called physical discrimination.

    If things were done "normally" in freedom, noramlly clothes and other things should be done for everyone in every places, from little sizes to large sizes in the same place,

    without to separate them in any case.

    I am really disappointed to live at the 3° millenium, era where we all should be open-minded and evolute,

    and finally I only see regression, negative things, as if we lost of our good things.

    Separate people or things in categories, it is the beginning of narrow-minded-ness.

    So vive people like Susan!!!

    And I wish her the best in the existence!!!

    I wish the positive to everyone!!!

    Audrey, aka Prolix,

    french emergent artist unemployed
    without resources,

    without job proposition,
    without positive answer to my several job letters,
    since july 2005

  2. Susan you are beautiful and graceful.....may God Bless you always!!!!

  3. She is an inspiration for Us!! I dont even know her and I'm so Proud of her!
    Keep going, Susan! and you will go far!
    My Best wishes!
    Alyson M. from Florida!!


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