Friday, April 15, 2011

Lovelace in the City: Online Dating

Hello World!

I want to talk about the interesting world of online dating! As a single person, I am open to the idea of meeting men in unconventional ways; such as online. The whole bump into each other at the grocery store or gym scenario just hasn't worked for me yet, so until then, I will be entertained by meeting men through the internet. I know several people who have met, dated, and married men they met online. I figure, why not give it a shot!

A few months ago, my friend bullied me into signing up to an online dating site. I started receiving messages within the first few days of having my profile set up. I will admit, I was excited and open to the process...until the first message came from a man old enough to be my grandfather! Eewww! I made an effort to be VERY specific about what I was looking for, including the age range 23-36. Anyone over the age of forty is TOO old. I’m not going to even think about why a sixty-year old man wants to date a 28 year-old? I’m still disgusted at the thought.

My experience with the site did not get much better after that. I was ready to cancel my membership after the first month, but my wonderful friend encouraged me to keep my membership until it expired, which was six months later.

Grandpa was the first of MANY old men to send messages and flirts, followed by men from other countries (not really my cup of tea!)...then there were men with three or more kids. Don’t get me wrong, there were some that could have potential, but they did not pay for their membership and had very limited access. So limited, in fact, they could not even send a message, just a “flirt” message. I received so many of those messages; I finally put on my profile page, No Flirt Messages! After a few months of this, I was so excited when my membership expired. Since I had such a horrible experience, you would think I would stay off online dating sites. Nope, not me! I think I am gluten for punishment.

I experimented with another site that is SUPPOSED to be for dating, but seems to be more for “hooking up”. The messages I receive on that website are at first flattering, and then turned appalling, very quickly. They start as “how are you” to “nice ass, nice boobs”. At this point, I never respond to the messages, I just use it as simple entertainment. Unfortunately, online dating has not worked out; I guess it’s back to hoping to bump carts at the grocery store or reaching for the same weight at the gym to meet my Mr. Right!

Always remember, love yourself first and laugh at the fools who don’t!

XOXO Angel


  1. online dating can be tricky. sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Even the old men requesting me on facebook creep me out. im like, what are you doing! lol

  2. Hello,
    This is a really good read for me, Must admit that you are one of the best bloggers I ever saw. Looking forward for your next one.


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