Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Look into Imagen

Who does not like to sit down on a rainy day with a cup of coffee or hot chocolate and read a great fashion magazine? I certainly do. We have quite a few magazines in Puerto Rico and today I'm going to blog about one of my favorite magazines. It is called Imagen Nuestra Revista.

 Imagen is the pioneer in Puerto Rico’s magazine market. They recently celebrated their 25th Anniversary and have set a standard of excellence which has made them the number one magazine on the Island. Imagen’s successful regular sections include Fashion, Beauty, Social Affairs, Travel, Fine Dining, Puerto Rico Celebrities, Fame, Nutrition, Art and other fascinating topics. I can tell you for a fact it's the most read magazine on the Island. Everytime I visit a doctor’s office or any other office, Imagen is always on the table and that’s the one that people want to read. It’s very well priced too.

Imagen and Casiano Communications have a special place in my heart. As you all know I am a plus size advocate since my daughter Ana began her journey in the plus size modeling world. She was chosen to model at The Curvy Revolution in Las Vegas this year. I sent Ana’s picture all over Facebook to magazines that had Facebook pages; spending hours on my computer.

It was so funny because Ana told me one day, “Mom you’re acting like a crazy woman sending my picture all over the place” I still laugh thinking about it, and then my hard work paid off, Casiano Communications was gracious enough to make an announcement with the picture I sent them congratulating her. I will never forget that moment because plus size modeling is not common in Puerto Rico at all.

Ana & an Imagen photographer

The models that are in the magazines in Puerto Rico are thin girls, very beautiful, and for Ana to be recognized by them was a dream come true for her. They called her and made a video. She had a photo shoot for their Facebook page and of course I went with her. To my surprise, the people who work for Casiano Communications were very charming and very nice. I met Yelitza Santiago, a lovely professional woman who does the health blog for buenavida, the photographer was also charming and very professional, he even let me take a pic with him and Ana. I was literally in Imagen heaven because I was standing where I imagined Ricky Martin had been and other great stars they have interviewed.

Ana being interviewed by Yelitza Santiago

 I have read their magazine since the first edition and my daughter was being interviewed and photographed by them, you see Imagen is magazine royalty on the Island.

 My friends, dreams do come true. If you want something bad enough, you persevere, you never give up and one day your dreams may also come true. If you ever get a chance to buy Imagen Nuestra Revista, you will not regret it.

I loved blogging about Casiano Communications and Imagen, it put a smile to my face remembering all the emails I sent Karla, she is an excellent journalist that works for them; she was always kind enough to answer them. I'm remembering the smile on my daughter's face when she was contacted by them. It was priceless and anything that puts a smile on our faces is worth blogging about. Casiano Communications, you are the best! I hope we will have the honor of reading your magazines for 25 more years.

Blessings to all,



  1. Great story!!It took me back to my roots. I am from Puerto Rico currently living in New York.I receive all of Casiano's magazines every month and I take them to my office for my hispanic patients to read. My respects to the blogger she captured my attention, to the model you are one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen,and to Casiano Communication congrats on your 25 Years!!CM

  2. Casiano Communications you have all my respect!!!!!

  3. Marta, you really a great writer and as you say Casiano Communication is one of the best magazines in PR. Congratulations to them on their 25 anniversary and your daughter will always shine for her beauty and perseverance

  4. I'm glad that Casiano Communications gave her the opportunity...Proud for Ana beacause it's her dream,she deserves it, and for representing us in the modeling industry... Glad for You Marta for yor blog! for believe in and support your daughter!!
    Great Blog!!

  5. I love their magazines..Imagen is my Bible.LOL..........Happy Anniversary...Erica

  6. Thank you all for all your great comments.....Marta

  7. Castelar García RiveraApril 7, 2011 at 5:13 AM

    This certainly proves that if you're passionate about something then you must go out into the world and fight for it. I hope that everything turns out for the best.

  8. You are doing a wonderful job Marta so keep up the great work you do and never stop reaching for the stars :-)


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