Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Family Wednesdays: Are You Saving or Destroying Your Marriage

This blog is personal to me. The hubby and I was watching TV late one night, flipping thru the channels we watched the ending of Divorce Wars. After the show went off I ask myself, what I do to save or destroy my marriage.

I’m coming from a personal angle on this one. I’ve seen a lot of marriages growing up; some were good and some was bad. When you get married, not only are you becoming a new member to your spouse's family, but you are becoming someone friend, lover, care giver, psychologist and co-worker. Some people are not ready for those roles. Marriage is not about who's controlling the relationship and many people get it twisted. It's about how well you can work together and seeing the end results. Don’t compare your marriage to another. Sometimes we get so caught up with what other people have and we don’t realize the needs in your relationship.

Communicating can save or destroy a marriage. How? Talking to bitter, lonely or people who don’t like your spouse can lead your marriage the wrong way. Surround yourself with other positive couples who support your marriage and know how to listen to you. Learn to communicate with your spouse in a positive way. Ask them about their goals, fantasies and LISTEN.

Enjoy each other's company. Many marriages fall apart because they didn’t spend enough time with each other. Take a class together from sports to cooking. Create a calendar for you and your spouse, pay bills together, plan family events, date night, shopping and BEDROOM DATE (doesn't have to take place in the bedroom...wink). Take time out to look at your spouse inside and out.

Compliment them. Make your spouse feel special about themselves, and let them know that you appreciate them. Practice healthy habits, help your spouse stay in shape and groom regularly. Your attractiveness is what makes your spouse want you more.

Marriage is a JOB. You and your spouse should be on the same TEAM.

• Learn together

• Talk to each other

• Work together

• LOVE each other more each DAY!!!

Fireproof was the movie we watched and it reminded me to never take a person for granted.


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  1. So true..I've ben married for 37 years.....and happier than ever:))


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