Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Plus Size TV Commericals

My husband noticed some commercials that use plus size women spark a lot of controversy. Brands are showing more of the plus size body than the public is used to. Lately a lot of commercials have been banned from daytime television due to being too racy for television; there are certain times these commercial can be aired. I like Lane Bryant's commercial. It shows a woman meeting her boyfriend in her bra, panties and a trench coat. Makes me want to go get a trench coat!
This commercial was banned, but you can see it online.
Serena has a shape men and women fantasize about. She's a great tennis player and has brought fashion to the tennis world. She is comfortable with her muscular curvy frame. Yes...some of Serena's outfits can be questionable (What was she thinking?) I would like her to make a new commercial so her fans and people who look up to her can view her in a positive light.

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  1. I love how all things plus size are considered controversial. But the always damn near naked Victoria Secret commercials are on all the time. Ugh!! Don't get me started... lol


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