Friday, September 30, 2011

Castelar at the Movies: Colombiana

   Throughout the years, Luc Besson has made several spectacular films which have left me in awe as he has the unique talent of crafting and delivering a satisfying action film.
His latest effort introduces a female protagonist, Cataleya Restrepo, who starts out as an innocent girl. Unfortunately, she witnesses her parents’ murder as a child and this act of violence changes her life.  Cataleya has been tainted by the vicious cycle of violence and her inner rage motivates her to focus on becoming an assassin. With the help of her uncle Emilio she learns how to become a relentless killer who is an expert in stealth tactics which helps her to kill her targets without getting noticed.
This is a killer who plans every inch of her operation and she loves to position her targets at a certain location before she makes the kill.  Zoe Saldana clearly committed to this leading role as she plays this sad and bitter woman as a person who wants to remain anonymous in order to avoid any emotional attachment. This is a memorable action film which contains an intriguing story and an explosive ending which makes you wish there would be a sequel to this movie.     
   Every member of the cast gave a good performance and when you have many good performances in an action film you know that the people who are in charge of the film know what they’re doing. 

 One of the best characters in the entire film is the one portrayed by Michael Vartan. Vartan portrays a man named Danny Delaney who falls in love with Cataleya. Delaney is an artist who is trying to find out more about his mysterious girlfriend since he really cares about her and he wants to know everything about her. However, Cataleya is a very secretive person who doesn’t want to reveal too much about herself in order to protect her boyfriend and her family.

Another great performance in this film is given by Cliff Curtis who portrays Cataleya’s uncle named Emilio. Emilio is a bitter man who lost his only son, but he gained an unexpected daughter in the form of Cataleya. At first, Emilio wants Cataleya to have a better life that he has since he is a man who can hurt and kill anyone easily without any remorse. He doesn’t want a life of violence for his niece, but in the end he is the one who is responsible for helping Cataleya to become a lethal killer.

This movie takes us on a journey which is guided by rage and hatred so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the final confrontation with the main villains of the film ends in a violent bloodbath. 


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