Thursday, September 15, 2011

Puerto Rico's Got Talent

I love to blog about new talent in Puerto Rico, it makes me proud! PRHFW selected a group of young designers who compose The New Generation 2011. It was said by Caridad Fernandez, President of PRHFW, choosing this group proved to be an exciting task for an island that has great promises of fashion.
Judges for The New Generation 2011
The jury judged on creativity, preparation, notch, quality and originality to choose the designers. The jury was composed of Nono Maldonado, Rubén Darío , David Antonio, the stylist Lizette Schettini and the fashion editor of Imagen Magazine, Arnaldo Rivera Braña; people who are excellent in their field. It was not an easy task for them, because there was so much talent there.
Reynaldo Jose with his designs

Diana Vazquez and her designs
   They officially announced the new members of The New Generation 2011, they are composed of designers: Reynaldo Jose, Edzel Giovanni, Nicole De Jesus, Diana Vazquez, Richard Cotto, Sofia Arana, Jackie Tejada, Hector Omar, and Ghabriello Fernando.
Richard Cotto with his designs

Jackie Tejada showing her dress to the judges
 I know they will all be amazing because of their dedication and their love for what they do. They are just as good as any other fashion designer from any part of the world. I wish them all luck at PRHFW, I know they will shine like the stars they are!
Sofia Arana with her designs

Edzel Giovanni with his designs
Blessings to all,


  1. En mi pais hay tanto talento, love it! Me encantaron los dise~o de Edzel Giovanni y Richard Cotto, muy a la par con mi gusto personal. :)

  2. Good luck to all of them!!


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