Monday, September 12, 2011

Do You Wanna Take My Picture?

Edgar David
There are some photographers which can captivate our imagination looking at their photographs. Recently, I found an amazing one from Puerto Rico (now residing in Baltimore, MD), his name is Edgar David. Edgar is a man of many talents, he is also The Purge Effect singer, the band I blogged about a while back. 
Behind the scenes shoot with model, Ana Garcia.
Aspiring plus size model, Ana GarcĂ­a, had a shoot with Edgar when she went to their concert in Baltimore. I saw the pics and was at awe! They were amazing! I always say the chemistry between the photographer, the model, and the location of the shoot are keys to great photos. I never knew this side of him.

David tells me he never identifies himself as a photographer. He is a musician and sound engineer, with a passion for moving images and a deep interest in cinematography. His foray into photography is a very recent one. So recent, he doesn’t have any photographs taken by himself in the past decade at all!
Behind the scenes shoot with model, Ana Garcia.
  Eventually, he ended up buying a Canon DSLR camera, with the sole purpose of using it for it's video capabilities and it's film-like images, rather than the original use intended for the equipment. Then the opportunity arose... his boss' niece needed a portfolio to pursue a modeling path, and she wanted him to take her photos. The pictures turned out beautiful. What I like about the photos is that he tries not to edit them beyond a simple skin cleanup and makeup enhancement, and tries to leave proportions as natural as possible.

I have always thought photography records the feelings written on the human face and the beauty of the earth and skies that man has inherited!

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  1. They make a great team!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I love Ana and I know she will look beautiful even if I take her a picture with my phone. But I will love to have a shooting with Edgar, the pics are just amaizing !!!


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