Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Natural Hair Topic: Henna

It's the fall, so it's time for protective styles for my natural hair. During the cold weather months, I do a LOT of wigs and scarves and underneath I usually put my hair in twist. My hair is growing and I'm almost at my one year big chop anniversary. 

I'm always looking for ways to elongate my curls and provide moisture to my hair. As a 4b hair type, those are the two things I struggle with the most. This weekend I did a henna treatment.  Henna can be used safely on ALL hair types and makes your hair stronger, provides a red tint to your locks, makes your hair shiny and it has NO chemicals.

I've tried it before thinking it would change my hair color dramatically, but I don't think I did it correctly. This time I used the information I got from two of my favorite natural hair care blogs, All Things O'Natural and Curly Nikki to help me with my henna journey.

What I used: I got this recipe from the Curly Nikki website:
1 100oz package of Henna from the Mehandi website 
2 cups of tea (Sleepytime tea which is a mixture of Chamomille and other teas)
2 caps of Apple Cider Vinegar

You mix the ingredients until you get a "chocolate pudding" type consistancy. I parted my hair into sections and applied throughout. Here is the worst part...I didn't use gloves so my hands are STILL dyed orange. I will stress to everyone...USE GLOVES!! AND PUT A TOWEL ON YOUR PILLOW WHEN YOU GO TO SLEEP...I ruined a pillowcase!

I kept on my hair for 12 hrs (well a little bit more...because I had meetings and errands to run). I washed it our with Aussie Moist conditioner and then shampooed with Creme of Nature's Coconut Detangling Shampoo. I then deep conditioned my hair, rinsed and put it back in twist with Kinky Curly's Knot Today.

Henna in da hurr...LOL!
I will have to say, detaingling was a bitch, and that was with the Knot Today. Next month, I have to work on that somehow. My hair does feel softer and my grey hair (what few strains I have) are an auburn brown color, but still no dramatic change in color. I think it will take sometime to gradually pick up the color after a few treatments. I will do henna again, and will try to do it once a month for now on.
Just makeup...henna soaking in.
Have any of my natural friends tried henna?


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