Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Puerto Rico High Fashion Week Wrap Up

Covering Puerto Rico High Fashion Week for Ruby Leonne and Style & Mode was an unique experience.

I went on Saturday with aspiring plus size model Ana Garcia, wearing a beautiful dress from Torrid, and her friend Apolonia. It was the finale and some of my favorite designers were going to be showcasing their designs.

 I arrived there and went to the press table to get my ID. I still couldn’t believe I was covering the most important event of the year in fashion on the Island. I sat down with my photographer, Javier, and I was literally in Fashion Heaven.
Jose Raul Collection

Magalis Garcia Collection
The first fashion show was with Jose Raul, Magalis Garcia and Jaer Caban. Their collections were unbelievable. I was transported to Paris feeling I was in one of their great fashion Shows. Yes it was that good!! Then Lisa Thon showed her collection. Everyone was at awe...simply stunning.

Lisa Thon

Jaer Caban Collection

Eddie Guerrero Collection
To finish the fashion shows, Eddie Guerrero showed his collection. He had some musicians playing African music and his collection was inspired in this theme. Very exotic! It was a great way to finish the show.

I also visited The Shop, saying hi to Marilyn Arroyo, owner of Plump Couture. She was looking beautiful as always. I went to a great boutique named Bounkit and the jewelry was absolutely stunning.
Ana wearing Torrid with Caridad Fernandez PRHFW President
While visiting the Shop I saw Caridad Fernadez, the PRHFW president. She was so accessible to everyone. She took a picture with aspiring plus size model Ana Garcia and that was the highlight of her evening.
The Shop
What I liked most is that people from all walks of life attended this magnificent event. I talked to a lady who lives in the projects and she was there because the prices were affordable to all, I had so much fun with her telling me she took two busses to get there and was proud of this! 
 Caridad Fernandez said once that this was an event for all the people of Puerto Rico and she was right. I saw so many girls in this event, thin and curvy and they all looked great. I hope one day I can cover a Full Fashion Week in Puerto Rico because there are so many beautiful curvy girls that want to be given the chance to do the same things as the thin models, who knows what can happen, life is full of surprises!!

Blesssings to all,


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