Thursday, September 22, 2011

Countdown to PRHFW: Magalis Garcia

The countdown begins for one of the most anticipated events in fashion in Puerto Rico, the Puerto Rico High Fashion Week! I will be attending the fashion shows on October 1, 2011, covering it for Ruby Leonne and Style & Mode. This night promises to be amazing, although in all fairness to all of the designers, I think all the fashion shows will be great.

Today I am going to blog about Magalis García. She will be showcasing her designs that night. I talked to her a few days ago and she was so gracious to tell me about herself. Magalis was born in Norwalk, CT where she grew up in a Spanish speaking household rich with the Puerto Rican culture of her parents’ native country. She was always an artist who explored a variety of mediums over the years, including paintings and sculptures while attending the Maryland Institute of Art.
Magalis García
Magalis was searching for the perfect outlet for her talent, when she finally found she could bring her artistic creations from what she had learned from her mom growing up together in fashion. Fashion was an incredibly direct way for her to reach people and truly express herself. Magalis moved to NYC and polished her skills with classes at FIT spending her afternoons watching the eclectic styles of New Yorkers.

While developing her own pieces, she freelanced for several notable fashion houses including Anne Klein and London Fog. In 2001, Magalis finally debuted her own creations with a line of accessories during a trunk show at Henri Bendel. After a great response, she expanded under the name "Detox" and "Detox Clothing". Her work was incredibly popular and sold well at high end boutiques in New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, Atlanta, New Orleans, Miami and Puerto Rico.

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As of today, Ms. García continues her creations under a new eponymous line launched in 2008 "Magalis García". Her line, designed with art in mind, incorporates hand stitched appliqués, a variety of materials, colors, and textures throughout all her collections. The Magalis García tone is a little bit urban with romantic silhouettes, cuts, and sensibility. There's an interesting take on an edgy romance with her everyday inspiration; the grandeur, allure and energy of New York City and the natural beauty of Puerto Rico, in my opinion this is a great combination!

Story Line of Magalis García Spring 2012 Puerto Rico
 Life and death of a Toro and Torero (Bull and Bullfighter)

This is a modern look at turn of the century Spain and the art of bullfighting. The Magalis García Spring 2012 line starts with a lightness that captures the innocence, youth and freshness in the young bull as well as the young torero before both are chosen to follow this career path. White and yellows, cotton, lace, and gingham represent the pasturing and leisure in the open fields. The bullfight follows with the glitz, glamour and glory of the grand arenas, elaborate costumes, and the lady aristocrats who fill the balconies at the event.

Bright, rich fabrics-evening gowns are elaborated with beading and embellishments, capturing the eloquence and art form of bullfighting. The dance of the bullfight is interpreted through the movement in the fabric. The line concludes with a dark color palette (hand painted deep colors to bold black) that represents the unfortunate fate of many who choose this path. She gave me a sneak peek of one of her designs and it blew me away. I couldn’t stop looking at it because it was simply breathtaking.

Personally, I can’t wait for this day to arrive to meet this incredible lady in person!

Blessings to all,


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