Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ladies...To The Clearance Racks!

Right now is the BEST time to save money in the fashion world. End of the season clothes are moving to the clearance racks! Start early and create a new wardrobe for next spring/summer for the whole family.
 Getting one size bigger for kids is a smart way to go since they're still growing. Ladies swimwear is expensive, you already know you going to the pool or beach next summer, so stock up on a few suits.
Shopping online you can save more, but I like going into the store and checking out deals. This is a great way to shop for future events, gifts for birthdays, graduations, mother/father days, or planning a family trip.
Online stores with killer clearance deals:
Happy Shopping!!



  1. Thanks so much for including our link! <3

  2. You're welcome! We love Domino Dollhouse and hope to do more reviews in the near future!



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