Wednesday, July 13, 2011

It's A Small World: Vacation Photos

So happy I'm back from vacation...not happy to get back to my 8-5 job (BOOOO HISSSS), but happy to get back to Aesthetic Design Style House and blogging. I have a real sense of renewal and I think I'm back on track. I really needed to time off to just relax, relate and release (hahaha to the Cosby Show reference).

I was just getting bogged down with things that didn't lift me up and help what I'm trying to do. Now I'm streamlining and getting rid of some projects and people in my life!

I went to Disney and Universal Studios with Jay, my sister, niece, my BFF Angiee and her son Donovan. It was a trip filled with ups and downs, but for the most part it was great to spend time with people you love AND Ms. Kay won all of her national dance competitions she participated in. I'm a proud auntie.

Here are some of my favorite photos from my trip. I'm not at my divaest (is that a word?) because we were walking and hot and wet and ugh...Florida weather!

Jay & Kay at the airport. It was Kay's first time on a plane. She had a blast!

My sister, Jay & Kay

It was all made from Legos!!

Kay with two of her three trophies.

They are best buds..."People let me tell you bout my best friend..."

Donovan, Tigger & Kay

Pooh took his sweet time getting to our table.

The Tea Cups!!!

The gang's all here!

Squirrels in my Pants!

Now the sign said you couldn't be taller than 3'6 to slide down. He was too lazy to walk down the stairs! Weirdo!

Wonderful superheros at Universal!
Those are just a few. I took over 300 pictures! Maybe I will leak some out on Facebook later on!


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