Thursday, July 21, 2011

Puerto Rico High Fashion Week 2011

If you live just for fashion, navigating in the fashion world or rarely seen outside of it, where is the one place you would love to go? The Puerto Rico High Fashion Week of course!

 Puerto Rico High Fashion Week, founded in 2005, is the pinnacle event of the fashion of Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. The event presents important fashion designers, including the most promising young talent and outstanding designers. It is estimated over 100,000 people have attended this world class event, in which 300 people work directly or indirectly. This event will inject about $2 million into Puerto Rico's economy.

Omar Hasbún, Custo Dalmau, Caridad Fernández (PRHFW President), Tita Hasbún and Billy Hasbún in Dominican Republic.
There has been a strategic alliance between the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico in order to strengthen the fashion industry in the Caribbean. Puerto Rico High Fashion Week (PRHFW) is described by the Puerto Rico Hotel and Tourism Association as the most important fashion event held on the island; it combines the best of local and international fashion, and it was just announced that its next edition comes with international air.

Isabel Toledo
PRHFW officially opens its second season of 2011 from September 28 to October 1 with the unique show of Isabel Toledo, the celebrated Cuban Fashion Designer based in the United States and who celebrates 27 years in the industry. Toledo achieved global recognition from Michelle Obama being elected to design the outfit she wore during the inauguration of her husband. This unique Fashion Show will benefit the Art Museum of Puerto Rico. I will be blogging about the designers and so many more things that PRHFW has to offer during my next blogs so stay tuned!

Michelle Obama wearing Isabel Toledo dress

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  1. the place to go!!!!!!!!!!!I'm so there!!!!!

  2. Amaziiing! Marta me encanto!!
    I'll be waiting for the next blog about the fashion week!

  3. Stayed tuned so many great blogs about Puerto Rico High Fashion Week coming up!!! Marta


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