Friday, July 22, 2011

Castelar at the Movies: Bad Teacher & Super 8

Bad Teacher

In this film, Cameron Diaz portrays a horrible teacher named Elizabeth Halsey. This character convincingly manner displays her hate for her job and she is looking for a rich guy to take care of her. Honestly I must admit, Diaz surprised me in this film as she believably portrays a vain and selfish educator who will do anything to get ahead in life. She is a woman who doesn’t care about anyone else except herself. Elizabeth doesn’t care about her students and their problems as she constantly avoids them as much as possible throughout the film. Elizabeth doesn’t want to get to know any of her colleagues as she avoids any sort of interaction with them as well.

The school’s gym teacher, Russell Gettis, is portrayed by Jason Segel. Gettis is interested in going out with Elizabeth as he wants to form a stable relationship with her. She turns him down every time, but throughout the film he becomes someone Elizabeth can relate to in various ways.

 Justin Timberlake portrays the new substitute teacher Scott Delacorte; Elizabeth wants to have all to herself because he comes from a wealthy family.

The biggest surprise of the film comes from Lucy Punch, who portrays Elizabeth’s nemesis Amy Squirrel. Amy is a teacher who cares about her students. Unfortunately, she is a very demanding person who expects a lot out of her colleagues and she doesn’t know how to address certain problems which Elizabeth causes to those who are in charge.

If you want to see a wild and uncaring teacher in a film which has many memorable moments then you should go and see this film.

Super 8

This movie is a tribute to all the great movie classics Steven Spielberg and other directors have made in an era where the story and the performances from the actors were the most important elements of the film.

  J.J. Abrams created a film that is a mixture of Close Encounters of the Third Kind, The Monster Squad and The Goonies. Surprisingly, the movie is anchored by strong and comedic performances from the entire cast. The best performances were by Joel Courtney who portrayed Joe Lamb and Elle Fanning who portrayed Joe's romantic interest, Alice Dainard.

Joe Lamb is a young boy who lost someone whom he deeply cherished in his life. With los,s his hope of having a normal family life has been shattered to a certain extent. Meanwhile, Alice Dainard lives with a drunken father who is miserable with his own existence. Together these two characters find solace in each other as they escape their own personal struggles by being around other kids.

Joe has a group of friends who are shooting a zombie film. He likes to be around the friends because it makes him forget about how miserable things are back home. His friends are a bunch of likeable characters that seem to play their roles with much joy and enthusiasm.

When they sneak at night to film some scenes of the movie, they witness a horrific train accident which nearly cost them their lives. They discover someone they know caused the accident. When the kids flee the scene, they agree to never speak of that incident again because they would get in trouble if anyone found out. Unfortunately, the U.S. Air Force arrives to do an investigation and strange things start to happen in their hometown. Afterwards, these kids decide to find out what is going on and what they find is something which is truly spectacular.

If you want to see a movie with great acting and with some truly unique special effects then go see this wild science fiction film that the whole family can enjoy.


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