Thursday, June 9, 2011

Lovelace in the City: Second Chances

Hello World!

Have you ever written someone off and not given them a second thought? Unfortunately, I do it more than often, but I am starting to change my ways. A few months ago, I wrote about my dislike for a gentleman by the name of Mr. Photoshoot. Well, I admit I could possibly be wrong about him!

This past weekend, I finally broke down and spent time with him. To my surprise, it was better than expected. Don’t get me wrong, I always enjoyed spending time with him for various reasons, but was very unsure of his reasoning for wanting to hang out with me. Spending the evening with him made me reconsider a possible relationship with him; well at least for the moment or until he does something stupid. But for now, let me tell you all about my wonderful evening!

For the last week, whenever I would talk to Mr. Photoshoot, the conversation always included “when was I coming over?” and my reply would always be during the weekend.  To his surprise and mine, I actually called him and went over to his place! When I got there he was cooking dinner and his son was playing nearby!!!! (I love a man that can cook) Normally I am not a fan of men with kids, but since I’ve always known that he has custody, I don’t count that against him. Our evening was very uneventful, but that’s exactly how I like it! It was just the three of us, hanging out and watching movies. It almost felt as if it was a little family, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Heck, I even played with the kid...without being asked or prompted! I usually don’t play with kids I don’t know, so that was a big step. I ended up staying very late at his house and to be honest; the only reason I left was because I had to be at work in the morning and didn’t bring my clothes. I also managed to spend quality time and stick to my goal of not having sex unless I’m in a committed relationship.

Having such a great evening, it made me rethink some of my previous thoughts about him. Should I give him a second chance and try to establish a relationship with him? Should I put forth more effort and spend time with him? For the time being, I will proceed with caution and watch his actions. I’ve never been one to listen to a man’s words, because their actions always show the truth. So maybe...just maybe I will give him the opportunity to wow me! Hopefully, he can pull it off! I’m sure this will NOT be the last we here of him! 

Remember to love yourself first and laugh at the fools who don’t!

XOXO Angel

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