Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Bella Model Management Contest

People in Puerto Rico are very competitive and YES so am I. I found that out last weekend. 

One day, I was on Facebook and I saw an announcement from Bella Model Management; they were having a contest. You had to send a picture with your favorite style and they would choose 10 finalists. The one with most likes wins. This will go on for four weeks. They will choose a winner from the four to go to Australia and have a photo shoot like a Bella Model. I loved this idea and sent in a picture of my daughter Ana with the dress she bought from City Chic for her brother’s wedding. They chose it and she made it to the finals.

Ana (photo taken by Michelle Alexandra)

Ana in her dress she won from City Chic
We had to start voting on Friday and the voting finished Sunday at 10:00 p.m. in Puerto Rico Standard Time. I put my plan into action, because I wanted to win this. I contacted all of my Facebook friends, got my team together and it was a go. I laughed so hard, they went wild … we literally spent all weekend on Facebook getting likes. One of my friends had to order take out, because her dinner burned twice which was very funny. 

Teresa Rosa
 I had a lot of help from my good friend Teresa Rosa, she really worked hard activating her friends. I met a lovely young lady named Ivonne Marie Nieves. She was kind enough to tell all her friends and write me to tell me what was going on. because I was translating an important document and I was really busy. My student, Jose Caleb Coriano, was monitoring the time in Australia and Susan Santana was putting the link all over Facebook.

Susan Santana

Ivonne Marie Nieves

Jose Caleb
Sometimes, Ana would be in first place and then two hours later Hollie; whom was such a lovely and classy lady. All of this was stressful, but fun because in my opinion. They were all beautiful. Then the moment of truth came and the winner was announced … and yes my friends Ana won! Everyone was ecstatic! I could not believe that she got more than 240 votes, and the comments under the picture were beyond belief. My email was flooded telling me they loved the picture and trust me in Puerto Rico you have to like something to vote for it. 

It was a great weekend, we laughed, we screamed and cried when the winner was announced. We forgot our problems for a while and just had fun, because that is what it was all about. Thank you Bella Model Management for making the Island of Puerto Rico forget all of their worries for a little while last weekend!

I put a lot of pics because they helped me so much and I want honor them they are the Dream Team!!

Blessings to all,



  1. Go Ana! making P.R. proud!!
    Sigue adelante luchando por tus sueños!
    si es sola y llegas lejos no me quiero imaginar con una madre como Marta al lado! LOL way to far!

    and thanks Marta it was my placure help you and Ana...

  2. LOL! **pleasure not placure...

  3. It was a pleasure for me to vote for ANA she really deserved to win and i remember how you kept sending me post on my wall to vote for her it was hilarious and its how you said in Puerto Rico the people must really like something to post their comments and say they like it.

  4. teresa rosa es una mujer especial y amiga de martha....teresa es la mujer que ama un negro de santo domingoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  5. GRacias marta ...exitos en tu pajina...adelante siempre.


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