Thursday, June 16, 2011

Ghost in the Computer

So this morning I had the worst shock of my life. I opened my email and got two emails from Paypal thanking me for approving two different mobile payments for $500 a piece to some guy named Rob Millards.

I called Paypal and they noted the two transactions fraudulent, but could not stop the transactions from posting to my account which is fed from my bank account. I needed to call my bank to have them do a stop payment on the transaction. I called my bank. They could NOT do a stop payment because both charges are an ACH debit charge. The fraudulent charges would have to post to my account before anything could be done. But both agencies assured me Mr. Millards, if that's his name, will not receive one red cent. I was advised by my bank to set up a new account and let the old one ride out all the craziness.

As I rushed to my bank this morning, I grew angrier and angrier at Paypal. Why would they not see these charges were fraudulent before it went this far. I don't spend more than $50 using Paypal at a time AND I've NEVER used Paypal mobile. They assure their customers its a safe and secure site. I will be deactivating my account as soon as this is all over.

I spend online because there aren't a lot of physical stores I like or can shop at. Now this incident is going to make me rethink if I will be doing any online shopping. Now I have to go back and continue to change all my passwords and switch things around. It's been a long crazy day! 

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