Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Journalistic Wonder

Sometimes we meet people that have an impact on our lives. I met one a couple of months ago and her name is Karla A. Toledo Rios. I blogged a while back about how Casiano Communications was gracious enough to make an art for my daughter Ana announcing she had been chosen to model at The Curvy Revolution. This lovely young woman works for them.

Karla A. Toledo Rios
Karla answered my e-mails when I was inquiring on how plus size models could be acknowledged by their magazines. It meant a lot to me because she was one of the few who answered them. I contacted her and told her I wanted to blog about her so people who read my blog would get to know her better and can see a journalist here in Puerto Rico can also be a kind and caring human being. 

She was born in Hatillo, Puerto Rico, where she plans to go back someday, and raised by her mother and grandparents; her father died fifteen days before she was born. Karla grew up among cows, gas stations and men ... and if you think this affected her femininity you are wrong. 

Dove 50 Real Women
On October 2007, she won the prize of 50 Dove Real Women with 49 other contestants. She was the youngest at just 19 years old. As a requirement of the contest, she had to say what she had done with her life to make her become a real woman. 

She became independent when she was18 years old; fully funding rental expenses, utilities, transportation, gasoline, clothing and food. Furthermore, she worked full time to study part time in San Juan, a place so different from her birthplace Hatillo and graduated with a degree in journalism on May 2010 from Sagrado Corazon University.  

Interviewing Victor Manuelle
 She is a journalist from birth, always wanting to know who, how, when, where, and why they exist. Karla loves to write. This woman even offered to work as a volunteer for Casiano Communication, even though she needed the money...now this is love for what she does! 

Eventually she got the job and as of today, she is a Coordinator of Social Networks and Digital Sales Department of Casiano Communications. The management of social networks dedicated to maintaining the different pages of Facebook, Twitter and blogs of the 10 publications of the company and their customers

Karla doing what she loves!
  Karla has had the opportunity to meet and interview various artists such as Luis Raul, Raulito Carbonell, Andrés García, Noelia Crespo, Raymond Arrieta, Saritza Alvarado, Sonya Cortés, Yolanda Adams, Olga Tañon, Hannani, FM5, Zuleyka Rivera, Papo Brenes, Johanna Rosalia, Victor Manuelle, among others.

     Karla is very grateful to God for the opportunity to work at what she studied and loves to do. She is a very creative person and does not rule out reaching out to achieve other dreams.  Karla, good luck in your journey through life, the sky is the limit!

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