Monday, June 27, 2011

Model Mogul

What young girl doesn’t have a dream of becoming a famous model at one time or another in her life? Today, I am going to blog about a beautiful model in Puerto Rico who had that same dream, her name is Caridad Fernández Carreras. I contacted her and she was kind enough to share her story with me. 
Caridad Fernández Carreras

Caridad was born in Cuba. She left with her family in exile and came to Puerto Rico when she was three years old. Her genetic homeland is Cuba and her adopted country is Puerto Rico. She loves them both with all her heart. She is married to Francisco and has two great children named Hugo and Lucas.

     When she was fifteen years old, she took several courses in modeling and refinement that changed her life forever. It awoke in her the artistic and creative side she had always carried within, and from that time, with discipline, patience and passion she started to learn how to become a model.

Initially, Caridad stood out as a business model and later as a photo model and catwalk in the late seventies, eighties and nineties. She told me everyone thinks the world of modeling is all glamour and nothing is further from the truth. This world is full of sacrifice which involves a lot hard work and dedication.

She started working when she was fifteen years old as a modeling instructor in one of the most important schools on the Island called Model Corporation of America (MCA). Once she graduated from college, she decided to join her two passions: modeling and education. Along with Ileana Cambó who was another model, they dared to open a school and modeling agency to impart their knowledge to other girls. This is how Unica, Refining and Modeling Center was born. They managed to position it gradually in the market of fashion, beauty and modeling.

 In 1996, the opportunity to franchise Elite Model Look of Puerto Rico appeared and she took it. Elite is a worldwide recognized modeling agency. These experiences have gradually led her to become a producer of fashion events. In 2005, Rosa Lourdes Ortiz came to her and raised the idea of producing the Fashion Week in Puerto Rico. At first, she thought it was crazy, but she went for it once again. Caridad took a chance and the Puerto Rico High Fashion Week was born.

Some acknowledgments she has received have been the Veuve Clicquot Grande Dame Business Award – Méndez and Company, 2007, Ten Best Dressed Women – The San Juan Star, 2003 and Stanford Who’s Who’s – Honor Member – Stanford University, 2011.

Being a plus size advocate I asked her about plus size modeling. she told me that in her opinion the purpose of models is to use their image to sell products, ideas and/or services. Plus-size models as Fluvia Lacerda, Ashley Graham, among others, are as necessary as any other model. Both the regular model as the model "plus" must be very careful of excesses. The top model has to be careful not to fall into anorexia or bulimia to maintain their weight. Similarly, the plus model must watch their weight for health reasons. It's all about maintaining a balance while taking into account that health is beauty. Caridad it was a pleasure blogging about you. I wish you the best that life has to offer.

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