Thursday, May 19, 2011

My Interview with Syreeta Rios of Lipstick Killers

A few weeks ago, I discovered a new designer while on Sense of Fashion trying to find a dress for a function I was attending. After seeing her work, I contacted Syreeta Rios of Lipstick Killers and she agreed to do an interview with me for the RL readers.

A model with Lipstick Killers designer, Syreeta Rios.

How long have you been designing?
For close to ten years.

Where are you from?
Originally from Wilmington, Delaware and now reside in Atlanta, Georgia.

Print Romper w/ Sash Retail: $65
How did you come up with the name Lipstick Killers?
My actual company name is Big Gyrl Clothing, Inc. but I wanted to expand my line with more sizes and give it more So while I was listening to a song by Ghostface called "Killer Lipstick" talking about women assassins and hustler divas, it inspired me with the name Lipstick Killers. I wanted the line to be different, fierce, punkish, and original so there it goes.

Why plus size? Why couture?
Plus size is where its at baby! I'm a big girl myself and always make my own dresses and there is still such a lack of style and proper definition for plus sizes in major stores so designing for my fellow plus divas will always be something that I will feel passionate about. To be couture is to make custom, made to measure pieces that cost thousands of dollars so I wouldn't say that my collection is couture, but it is my desire to be at that level soon.

What type of woman is a Lipstick Killer?
Lipstick Killers live by their own rules, control their destiny, and fight for everything worth fighting for. We live fearlessly and dress fearlessly. We don't break fashion rules, we create them. We don't live by the trend, we set them. We love hard and work hard just to play even harder. We live a life full of passion, excitement, and fullfillment. Lipstick Killers rock! To read more, please visit my blog post

Tube Top Rhinestone Jumper Retail: $60
What's special about Lipstick Killers?
Its original prints and designs, flowing pieces, tight pieces, unique tees, and some accessories. LKC is where its at for the killer outfit. Its head turning, eye catching garments.

Explain how you construct your pieces?
My pieces are constructed from various patterns and from the heart.

What are your inspirations?
My inspirations come from anything and everywhere. Mainly, I am inspired by different genres of music such as heavy metal, rock, pop, and hip hop.

Do you prefer independent designers or mainstream designers?
 I think independent designers are the best! We hustle hard for what we make and go through so much to put our lines out there. There is nothing like exclusivity.

Sexy Striped Spartan Dress Retail: $45

Who are you influences?
I adore Chanel, Dior, and especially Christian Siriano. I also love Kimora Simmons business ethic and style.

What is the average price of your pieces?
On average about $50

What is your favorite piece?
I must honestly say that I do not have a favorite piece, I love them all like children,

Do you have any side projects you want to share with our readers?
 I am also a journalist for as a nightlife expert which you can read my articles at and also am working on a men's line.

Thank you Syreeta for sharing Lipstick Killers with our readers! Make sure you become a fan on Facebook.

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