Wednesday, May 4, 2011

God is Love

Today’s blog is not a fun one; it’s a very serious one I felt I had to blog about. I want to pay tribute to a special young man. His name was Jorge Steven Lopez Mercado. He sadly died on November 14, 2009, he was only nineteen years old. Steven was from Puerto Rico, a beautiful island filled with sun and flowers, where these sort of things do not happen very often. His death was a hate crime. I blog about this because this should never happen to anyone. Nobody has the right to take someone’s life because of their sexual orientation. Steven was GAY.

Jorge Steven Lopez Mercado
According to our local newspapers he was found on November 14, 2009. He was dismembered and decapitated. Steven’s arms, legs and head had been torn off before his body was dumped. Steven was very active and known in the gay community of Puerto Rico. He was a victim of a brutal, disgusting and torturous hate crime. His body was left a few miles out of his home town in Caguas, literally torn limb from limb. This broke my heart!

What I found sad was the police investigator who responded to questions concerning the murder of Jorge Steven Lopez Mercado said that "people who lead this type of lifestyle need to be aware that this will happen." You cannot believe the outrage this statement had on the GAY community. This news traveled all over the world.

Steven's mother with Gay Activist Pedro Julio Serrano

I felt that I had to blog about this because this young man had a family that loved him and his friends adored him. He was a kind and gentle person who had so many dreams to fulfill and that was taken away from him. I was appalled when I heard this. I have so many GAY friends, whom I love and respect. These people are human beings that have as much rights as anyone!

They found the person who killed him and he is in prison, THANK GOD. Steven, I didn’t know you, and my heart wept for you. We must always remember that we must be proud of who we are because that is the key to true happiness!

Blessings to all,



  1. The Second Pic is Steven's Mother with Pedro Julio Serrano a gay activist at Steven's Funeral..RIP Steven!!

  2. When I heard his voice I cried.My cousin is gay and I love him so.....Dang this got to me!!!!

  3. Thanks for the picture correction! I changed the caption. Thanks for reading!


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