Wednesday, May 11, 2011

More Than Just A Fat Girl

Mia Amber Davis
The plus size community has been shattered by the death of model, producer and actress Mia Amber Davis. I didn't know her personally, but I've followed her career over the years. My heart sank in my chest when I read it on Facebook. I went home and told Jay. He didn't know who Mia was. I told him she was the girl from "Road Trip" and tried to scrounge for pictures of her in my plus size catalogs. Soon as I said "Road Trip", he knew immediately who I was talking about, but she was so much more than the leopard print underwear wearing minx most people knew her by. I worked for Ashley Stewart in the past, where she was a spokesmodel and she was one the funniest part in that movie, but she was more than just a fat girl.

Davis produced many television shows including Ricki Lake, Showtime at the Apollo, Change of Heart and Divorce Court. Her television career was extensive way before she ever became a model and in 2008 she was appointed the creative fashion editor for Plus Model Magazine.

She was what all plus size women strived to be, a beautiful healthy woman who was not afraid or ashamed to speak her mind about plus size issues. Whether it was confronting self proclaimed supermodel Janice Dickinson to debating against Anti-Fat buff like Meme Roth, Davis held herself with poise and grace.

More information is coming out about her death. TMZ reported Davis had knee surgery a day prior to her death and was complaining about dizziness. Davis shortly died.

Davis' death helps me realize life is too short. Live, laugh and never know what tomorrow brings. Bless you Mia.

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  1. Is a great lost in the fashion industry and more importantly as a human being!!
    my condolences to her family...
    Now she will be in the Runaway of Heaven


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