Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Belle of the Ball: Mariam Mohammadian

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Mariam Mohammadian
Today, I am going to blog about a lovely business woman on the Island. Her name is Mariam Mohammadian. Mariam had a casting for models for her beautiful boutique named GLY. My daughter went and told me that Mariam and Gly Boutique were amazing. I decided to give her a call and ask her about her boutique. She had an amazing story I had to share with you.

Mariam told me she was born in the US; living most of her life in Puerto Rico. Her father was from Iran and died when she was two years old. Her mom is from Puerto Rico. She studied Business Administration at Universidad de Puerto Rico and worked in manufacturing and service companies in management positions with high demands and responsibilities.

As a single mom of a three year old and care provider, for mom and grandparents, she always asked God to provide a job that gave her the flexibility to care for them and the income necessary to comply with all the responsibility. After losing a job, God provided another with one fourth of her previous salary. It was in this job, God transformed her heart and made her look at Him only…to trust in him.
 With that salary, she bought a new car, moved back to her home (she had to rent it) and had food on her table. INCREDIBLE!

Ana modeling for GLY Boutique
Mariam learned all the areas of a business there, with hands on experience. Only after one year and with nothing in the bank, really nothing, she decided to resign and start her own business for plus sized women. GLY was born. As everything in her life, GLY had God written all over it.... Even its name, God Loves You. Her new car had GLY on the license plate, people thought she did that on purpose.

GLY Promo
 Mariam started with a 800 square feet location, in May 1, 2006 (the day the Puerto Rican government closed) As she opened the boutique, a lot of people said she was crazy! Today, GLY is recognized as the first boutique for plus size women on the Island. She is going to have a surprise for her fifth anniversary and you can be sure I will blog about it! She has been blessed with so many wonderful people God has put in her path in her journey through life. Through my next blogs you will get to know GLY Boutique a little bit better. If you want to be the “Belle of the Ball” for any activity GLY is the place to go and get your beautiful clothes.
Mariam, it was a pleasure blogging about you. May God bless you always.

Blessings to all,



  1. Love it, she is a pioneer here in the island to open a Plus boutique and I thank her for think about us Curvy Girls. Marta great story. Xoxo

  2. Love it, she is a pioneer her in the island to open a Plus Clothe Boutique. I thank her to think about us Curvy Girl and bring fashionable clothe for us. Marta great story. Xoxo

  3. She is amazing....leaving everything for her dream..GBY....

  4. Is a beautiful inspiring story!!
    Thanks to her for thinking in us plus size women!!
    My best wishes and blessings to her!

  5. Very beautiful and motivating story, May God continue blessing her and her business


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