Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My 2010 Top Song List: Response to MTV's Top 25

MTV is doing a countdown of the top 25 songs from this year, 2010. I wanted to get in on it, so I've tried to tally the hits that made me jam in 2010. I go through phases. Sometimes I listen to retro Steely Dan or vintage Billie Holiday or alternative...really I like a plethora of music. Well, country is a different story. I will listen to country, as long as it's not twangy. This year I was really into Hip Hop and R&B. Here are some of my favorite songs for 2010.

Jay Z's "On to the Next One
MTV ranked this song number eight. It has to be near my number one. This whole CD got me through traffic and random stuff many of times. 

Sade's "Soldier of Love"
When Sade said she was coming out with a new album, BABY I was on it! She still looks gorgeous.

Rihanna's "Rude Boy"
After being in the press for her altercation with ex-boyfriend, Chris Brown, Rihanna came out with that break up song...that sucked. But she followed it up with "Rude Boy". Never been a fan...but this is my jam.

 Janelle Monae's "Tightrope" (video disabled by request)
One of the most underrated artist out here. Love Janelle, not only because she shares my name, but she has broken the boundaries of music today. She's managed by Diddy. Hopefully she doesn't fall in the cracks.

Trey Songz feat. Nikki Minaj "Bottoms Up"
Ultimate club banger! A song about partying and drinking...need I say more.

Diddy & Dirty Money "Hello Good Morning"
Diddy's been putting off the release of this album for sometime. From what I've heard so far, it will be in my rotation in 2011. 

Ceelo's "Fuck You" (Come on we're all adults here!)
Ceelo always has gems. This retro based song crossed over to all audiences this year. G-money Paltrow (hee hee) even covered it on "Glee". Plus everyone has been in this situation...universal. I loved you...you dissed me then...now look what you missed. Typical Maury!

Far East Movement "Like a G6"
It took me a while to like this song, but it grew on me. (Almost like that darn Nikki Minaj song, "Your Love".) It's one of those songs that get stuck in your head once you listen to it.

The song of the YEAR! (I don't care what anyone says!)

Antoine Dodson & theguysIhavenoideawhotheyare "Bed Intruder"
How does a news story become a hit song on iTunes? Have a couple of guys put a melody to it and remix it. This song took the world by storm. I sang it non stop for WEEKS. My mother even found herself humming it after I showed her the video. It was infectious like a bad disease, but we loved it.

What was your soundtrack of the year?



  1. Ha ha this post was so fun!! I love your number one - Oh Andre. Rude Boy is a great song and of course I love love love Hello Good Morning and F*** you!! YAY

    Thanks for sharing~~


  2. Ha ha I think I called him Andre instead of Antoine...PS LIKE A G6 took me a while too!! LOVE IT!!

  3. Ha Ha...Antoine. I wanted to get a "hide yo kids hide yo wife" t-shirt, but I thought that would be a bit much. I'm still thinking about it though.


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